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Magical Girl

Fair enough?
Me? aaah how to answer that? =S
I used to come here a lot last year but been inactive for ages now due to stuff rofl. If you went back far enough through this you'd find where I used to post lol



Morning all.

I've got a new way of dealing with crap......use a sword and slash the problem to pieces.

The units i manage are pissing me off already. sending through the same booking sheets about 3 times a day with nothing changed. or sending through a brand new booking form with the same shifts on it. so then i have to call up and find out whats going on, if their extra shifts or duplicates? and one of the unit managers keeps contacting me with the same thing again and again and again *sigh*

atleast i'll be going out tonight with the lads to a friends 18th and might be goin to kaylieghs 21st on thursday.

Where's fox? :/


Pokémon Master

I was at home man :( Was quite ill so went to work for 5minutes and then went home again haha.

I played Tenchu Z and got my 1000GS and then played and finished Enchanted Arms and got another 1000GS woo

For the record guys im not gettin a Mac, I was just in there as my girlfriend and her bro wanted to have a look so I thought i'd come on and say hey.

Tach, I was'nt keen on DMC3 or 4, number 1 is still the best :p


Pokémon Master

I have to extremly disagree with you there Spyro. The combo's turned into to mere button bashing unlike DMC1, it had completly pointless "mini game puzzles" that literally got you to the next corridor, it was painful. and then once you get to mission 11, you just do the whole game in reverse again with Dante, very lazy. IMO anyway :p



Naw. I didnt find the combo's button bashing anyway. The puzzle in quiestion I assume is that Dice thing? Meh only happened like twice. And the back tracking thing didnt bother me at all.


Pokémon Master

Yeah the damn pointless dice game haha. And there are other things aswell in it that annoy me, like if you fall in certain points you have to fight the same enemies that you defeated the last time you fell. I found it a chore to play and over frustrating, I dont mind a frustrating game as that wills you on, but there was too much nonsense idea's in it for me. Although Nero is an amazing character!

@Spyro, so did you like the new Ninja Gaiden 2? Im yet to play it, only watched my GF bro play it, it looked ok