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People who've actually seen the film, any comments on the score?
It's by Radwimps again, the same band who soundtracked Your Name, so if you liked the music in that, you'd probably like it in Weathering With You as well.

For what it's worth, I was content with the Steelbook version because it includes the soundtrack CD.


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When they get down to a single copy of Unicorn, I demand a scavenger hunt for all interested parties to decide who is worthy.

"Soho in London? Why there?"
"The Cartoon Network offices. Where Gundam in the UK began..."


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I'll get my coat.


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AL beating Manga probably by a few days to be my first new BBFC rating with Unicorn, guess we'll be seeing these older BBFC stickers on the front until they run out of stock

So Attack on Titan vinyl then.
hoping it's both, i know they released 1 of the soundtracks on CD a couple years ago but i wouldn't mind be able to get it again as i wasn't quite aware of Attack on Titan at the time