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For me the biggest news is that soon I'll be able to replace my Journey to Agartha dvd with a blu ray.

The deluxe edition of WWY looks nice too.


Death Scythe
A DX one and it's still a steelbook?
Is UK turning into a steelbook lovers country like Germany?
(I don't particular like them...)

5cm will be an interesting one for the extras, as I already have the French/German Kaze BD release. (Which is a very Spartan standard release packaging wise.) And slightly curious on the English dub.


Dandy Guy, in Space
Probably go for the steelbook, though it's a bit underwhelming. £69.99 for Deluxe really is near the absolute limit to what I would pay for a single movie. 5CM is more appealing anyways, so hope that one turns up alright.

Jon O Fun

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A better pic of the deluxe box from AL france (pre orders starting today) and a mention of what's on the bonus Blu ray. 3hrs of extras including a documentary on production...

Also: limited to 250!!!

Obvs UK could be different


Dandy Guy, in Space
Sol Levante is more or less just a tech demo. Outside CGI stuff, the likelihood of a native 4K full-length anime film or (even more unlikely) show turning up within the near future is very slim.


Not too bothered about the UE as I didn't like the film quite as much as YN and don't have a 4K player, but the CE is poor compared to the Promare one which went for the same EB price. And a bloomin' steelbook! I have zero steelbooks in my collection, but having said that I'll probably still go for it for the DVD to send to my little sister when I send her the Shinkai films.


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