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That logo should be used as a psychological 'do you see a butterfly or death' test. It is most assuredly the anus of an elephant highlighted, now it's been pointed out to me.

For the record, I just saw 'A' with a hole and thought anal. And for me that hole is only an exit so it aint even my thing. Not sure if the elephant variant of that is more or less depraved. Tbh when the majority of anime fans are males aware of hentai/tentacle rape, a logo like that is asking for... psychological evaluations.

On a more serious note, Hanners, do you know why AL went from logo-free spines to logos again? Not a wise choice for OCD collectors. Or elephant aficionados.


Gundam Wing fans are weird. Last year someone wanted my UE Beez thingy set for £60+. Blurays were out or coming then. So, not shocking that sells well. Best part is the anime is shite.

And also, I received Re:Zero pt2 today. Guess I got in early with my order.


I have no clue what V/Victory is, so you're typing to the wrong weeb.

For my money, the only Gundams worth much of a toss are 08th, War Pocket and Thunderbolt S1. Too much pacifistic lead crying in rest and/or overly long melodrama, tho with Wing the characters were just outright shite irrc. Mind you, Unicorn and NT have Sawano. Sawano make bad thing less bad. Sawano good. Me like Sawano. As onenote as his range tends to be,

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I mean, if you look at an "A" and see an elephant's butt, that's on you, not us, and we're certainly not here to judge or psycho-analyse... ;)
In my defense, I made those observations quite some time before I started to regularly import AL releases. Once your CE sets started to have clean art and buttless spines, I started importing a fair amount of your titles from the UK outlets, and became a good international customer of your products. I am also the rare US anime collector who actually loves digipaks, so I prefer your CE sets over what we get here in the US, and try to import as many AL CE releases as I can. So hopefully, no hard feelings, it's all in fun - but I do still see that butt! ☺
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Even with the analysis of hentai, I question the psych evaluation of the elephant butt, I mean, what sites have you been on to think about that enough to see an elephant butt in something? I mean a rorschach test usually reveals how you often think

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I can't remember how bad banding was on the imported Blu-ray of Castlevania. I did notice it, though. What I can say is AL's release of Ajin had far more severe banding, and that was left as is. I think it's an issue with Netflix releases: stream quality on disc.
Viz's US BD is so bad I took 122! screencaps showing off the compression artifacts, but even that isn't everything.


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People paid upfront for this release six months ago and this is now the fourth delay. I appreciate that the reasons have been out of their control (approvals, printing etc), but this situation is absurd - and all customers have been given are repeated apologies.

Although it doesn't affect me, I also find it weird that the Standard Editions are being held back when this latest issue is apparently exclusive to the SE?

The only reasons I'm still holding on tbh, are my absolute adoration of the film, and my desire for the 12 Days exclusive bonus, which is available as normal in other foreign CEs...


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The Maquia delays are an artistic statement on the film's narrative.

(I made myself sad typing this. Damn emotional movie.)