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What's Twin Star Exorcists like as a show?
Just interested as the whole show will cost £85+ and that's if you grab them all on offer!


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What's Twin Star Exorcists like as a show?
Just interested as the whole show will cost £85+ and that's if you grab them all on offer!
Honestly, from what I've saw (which is the entirety), I thought it was good enough on its own merits. It wasn't brilliant by any means, but really, it's up to you.


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Enjoy your now AB replacements...

The mystery of the month so far,

I said it on discord, but it might have to do with the madman release, if they share this bad disc art... I'm on the money.


Could anyone confirm whether the bluray Gundam NT sold on amazon co jp will include the chipboard box?



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My copy of Castlevania: Season One dispatched today, looking forward to checking the series out.


Anyone who got castlevania already from AL. Can they take screencaps. I want to know how much better theirs is before I put money down.


I can't remember how bad banding was on the imported Blu-ray of Castlevania. I did notice it, though. What I can say is AL's release of Ajin had far more severe banding, and that was left as is. I think it's an issue with Netflix releases: stream quality on disc.

Anyway, when I pre-odered Re:Zero, I thought 'why not' and preodered Castlevania: getting rid of my import copy. I own the no-logo VHD: Bloodlust CE, and thought another black+red spine would go with it. But for whatever reason, AL have gone back to adding those gaudy logos, as seen on Kokkoku. I didn't check before ordering Castlevania 'cause I thought they were a thing of the past. Also, as lovely as the glossy-paged booklet is, the pages stick together as if glued due to a lack of friction. Still, it is a nice enough release. And the ever excellent AL customer service refunded me £5 when I ordered after I missed the email code.

As for Re:Zero, no complaints there: a wonderful art box with no 'A' logoing and all artwork. Can't ask for more. I'm glad there's an outer box to hide the... purple-white snowflake irl wallpaper pasted along the bottom of the individual sets. Just need non-banded pt1 discs now.

Probably my last anime purchase for a long time due to money and anime watching struggles. Thanks to AL I've watched stuff I wouldn't have otherwise, like Belladonna of Sadness and Arete. I just wish they could be consistent with release style and delay randomness.
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