UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread


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Looking forward to hearing from the AL guest next weekend because wow, this might be the most low key MCM in ages. Especially after what they had in October.

Rob F1UK

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Glad to see this isn't just me then - presume they have actually been dispatched in batches, hence the delay in some of us not receiving this yet then?
For those still waiting on this, and getting worried (like me) - my copy has literally just arrived... :)


Za Warudo
It's not officially released until next week but Zavvi won't ship early unlike AL.
There was that time they shipped Outlaw Star early because AL sent them their spare MCM stock, and Zavvi don't hold stock for long periods so they used it to fulfill orders.


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It's not a series i really got into anyway it just feels weird to screen the movie without a license for the actual series it continues from


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Just to be clear, everyone's Zavvi Re:zero is also still processing yeah? Don't tell me they are actually waiting until the 27th 🤨 Est delivery says 20th.