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Only 4 episodes. I'd have bought the whole thing for that price but when the length is the same as a movie (less if that includes intro/outros) the price seems pretty standard for a collectors edition of an AL film release?

I wonder how this will sell.


Thousand Master
Well, half of the 1,000 unit print run has sold through in the first 12 hours, so.... ;)
That's good :) . I was genuinely interested as it's fairly average but watchable & I've always wondered how exposure on Netflix affects sales (manga uk didn't seem to have much luck).


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Feels like it's been completely forgotten at this point but whatever happened to the Lupin the 3rd Part 4 English Dubbed set AL said they were going to release last year. I remember them saying if we bought the sub set we'd get a discount on the dub set but that's the last I remember of it.


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Can talk about that yet still no response about the FUNi cancellations...
It's very likely that they're not allowed to talk about the Funi cancellations. In a situation like that, most companies, especially ones like AL who tend to be reasonably open, don't ignore questions like that for a laugh. They will realise how it looks but I'm sure would say something if they could.


So we dont have to send the christmas returns back. God the whole process sounded like hell for AL
Yeah hope they managed to get some form of compensation for an lose of money.
I know someone who might enjoy the Gurren Lagann films so I'll give it to them. Seems a bit wrong to sell to me.

Here's the email, BTW:
You're receiving this e-mail as you have been identified as a customer who bought products during our 12 Days of Christmas sale and is still waiting to return damaged, duplicate or incorrect items received from that sale period.

This e-mail is to notify you that the return of these items is no longer required. Please read on for the full lowdown and explanation of this.

Hi everyone, and I hope you're all well.

We're very much aware that we're now almost half-way through April, and that we're still sending you communications around outstanding issues following our 12 Days of Christmas Sale, so with that in mind you'll be pleased to hear that this is our final update for anybody who still has outstanding duplicate, damaged or incorrect items that they are waiting to return.

Firstly, if you have received this message but have already returned items or have no items to return, then please don't worry and disregard this message, as no further action is required.

If you do still have outstanding items to return, some of you will have received returns shipping labels from the distribution centre we deployed over the Christmas period, which many (if not most) of you have found were not accepted by your local Post Office.

In the wake of the above issue, we've been engaged in a prolonged period of investigation and discussion with the distribution centre as to the issue with arranging successful returns using their existing procedures.

Ultimately, no resolution has been forthcoming from the distribution centre, and so we have instead now reached a mutual agreement with them to forgo the usual returns policy in this unique case.

The upshot of this is that you are no longer required to return duplicate, damaged or incorrect products in the specific case of items that were received as part of our 12 Days of Christmas sale promotion. Effective from now, these items belong to you and you can do as you wish with them - keep them, dispose of them, or give them to a friend, it's entirely up to you.

Please note - and we can't stress this enough - that this policy only applies to 12 Days of Christmas orders, and that our standard return policy remains in effect for all other orders.

Once again, we can only apologise profusely for the long-running issues that you've encountered from our Christmas sale period, and we really can't thank all of you enough for your patience, perseverance and custom during this time. Here at Anime Limited, we pride ourselves fiercely on our customer service and delivering you great products quickly, safely and conveniently, and clearly your experience in this instance has fallen well below our usual standards. It's a situation that we never want to see repeated, and will be doing absolutely everything in our power to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

While not ideal, we hope you find this resolution satisfactory. If you have any questions or issues as all, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Again, thank you for your custom and patience - we couldn't have asked for a better bunch of customers and fans of our products!

Andy Hanley
Marketing Manager
Anime Limited

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Hope they use the Discotek discs for Lupin Part IV dubbed; the French encode of the JP version (which is used on both the FR and UK sets) has lots of compression artifacts.

Screenshots by IIuvatar/Yuripa

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I didn't receive the email about keeping the duplicates and incorrect items. Looks like I've already got my friends birthday presents for this year then.