UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread


AUKN Staff
Didn't even make it to pre-order. What annoys me the most about all of this is the apparent gag order Funimation put in place for all this and Manga losing Cardcaptor.
Yeah. It's not fantastic to begin with, but a "Sorry, we've removed these titles due to contractual reasons" from either party would have been appreciated.


Thousand Master
Well if anything Funimation have proven untrustworthy as business partners from an outsiders perspective. I hope that going forward the UK distributors keep them at arms length.


Death Scythe
No interest in Castlevania either, so hope they have some other offers on upcoming releases.
Seem to be spending all my money on MVM so far this year, where as last year it was mostly AL...
This is pretty much me. Aside from violet evergarden and FMP 4 nothing much of interest.