UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread


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Yeah, it definitely has a small, but pretty devoted number of supporters. Fans the sci-fi shenanigans in Steins Gate (not to much the waifu elements) might find something there. I bounced off it pretty quickly, but it's hard to understate how much the OP slams.



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I don't think it would've worked for me watching it weekly, but I came in late to the party and binged the lot in one day so it felt a lot more fluid than it would've done. Worth a watch though.


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I wonder why early birds seem to have been replaced with this 1 time use mailing list code strategy.
Probably signed an exclusive distribution contract on it with Zavvi and can't openly undercut them.

What was the last CE they released that wasn't Zavvi exclusive? I think all of this years have been so far.


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Great, just when I have imported Kokkoku from the US a UK CE is announced. I will probably buy the UK release as well, but I wish that new licences would be announced before the US release is out. Then I would save some money.