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Plus When Marnie Was There! What happened there? I assume I have a copy where this problem has been fixed, as my PS4 seems fine.

The disc was set out so poorly that it strained players just to play the film properly. More details here (it's not AL-related so if you have any follow-up questions please pop them at the link :) ): Defective or Disappointing UK Anime Discs

It's a photo book of @anime_andrew cosplaying as Mitsuha. *

Wahh, I can't believe that you're adding a relevant extra for fans of the movie and not cute pictures of Andrew in a school uniform :(

Seriously though, big thanks to AL for following up on the reports so quickly.

Yes, as mentioned, the final component of our Your Name Deluxe Edition release is Mitsuha's iconic bracelet from the film.

You can also see the updated exploded pack shot on our blog, and of course you can still order your copy at our shop!
So it a replica of the braided cord (i.e. it's a length of cord) that Mitsuha gives to Taki, and you can make it a bracelet or tie your hair with it? Hard to tell from picture.

*Puts on nerd voice*It's Taki that wears it as a bracelet and Mitsuha uses it to tie her hair, so there fore calling it Mitsuha's bracelet is incorrect /nerd ;)
Oh wow, really wasn't expecting the bracelet to be the extra in the deluxe. That's a really cool idea and I can't wait to get my hands on it! :D

I'm also really happy to see such a good response re: replacing the disc for people who want it. Currently I'm not sure if I'll ask for mine replaced either, but I'll give it a spin when the deluxe turns up and decide from there.

On a note away from Your Name: Like @Luna I am a massive fan of Hyouka and was honestly a bit disappointed to find that the first set doesn't include a book of some kind to show off more art, so I'm really glad you guys have something in store for part 2! Genuinely makes my purchase of part 1 worth it knowing what I really want is coming in the second half, especially given how expensive part 1 is. ^^;
You'll need to post us the disc back at your own cost and we'll replace it then at our own cost inc return shipping :).
Oh boy, this will probably take some time from Germany to the UK and back. I wonder if it would faster and cheaper to just a buy a standard edition once the new print is out. But then again, how do you know which version will be sold?
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Anime Andrew steps up to the plate once again with replacement discs for Your Name - thank you so very much, sir! Like NormanicGrav, I'm one of the hardcore video crowd that is always looking for the best possible PQ. I watch all my anime on a 120" projection screen from 8 feet away, in a dedicated, total-darkness theater room, so PQ is a critical factor in that type of environment - thus why I buy as much Japanese subtitled anime and also Aniplex of America releases as I possibly can. I pre-ordered both the UK Steelbook and the LDE box set, mainly for the packaging and extras, but would still want the best quality video to go along with the sets. So, I would have two sets to get replacement discs for, which would also need to be shipped to the US. I have no problem with the cost of sending the bad discs back overseas, though. AL certainly makes me want to keep coming back as a regular overseas customer, with such a caring service record and their awesome anime packaging!
I sincerely regret that you’ve cancelled your order - we said as soon as we were back we would look at the discs and we have and I'm about to post something longer about it - the conclusion being that the audio is not defective but that the video is not up to ours and committed anime fans standards, as I explain below, I will informally be offering fans the chance to replace for the next pressing. So in short for now you can enjoy a disc that the mass market would think is fine - as would most distributors - knowing that you can return it once we do our next pressing for something even better - we cannot do any more than that.

Hi Andrew, I just want to say thank you for the understanding and detailed reply. It's reassuring to know that the issues were largely related to the mass-production of the disks, as suspected. It's also great to hear about the re-pressing further down the line, which is more than enough for me to order the steelbook again. I honestly wasn't expecting a re-authoring on a release so big, so that's come as quite a relief. I've always appreciated when you've gone back and fixed errors that have crept into releases (Durarara, Gurren Lagann), even when they were something I never personally considered big enough to ask for a replacement (such as the Bebop disks).

I imagine this week has been something of a colossal headache, but if it's any small solace, I did cave and order the collector's edition of A Silent Voice... four days after picking up the amaray. Well....

It's a photo book of @anime_andrew cosplaying as Mitsuha.

I want Jeremy as the comet or no dice.
So uh not that I want to make what I imagine has been a crappy week for you guys thus far any worse, but I'm curious if we can expect any kind of list or post confirming which titles you will no longer be releasing? I'd like to know if I should look elsewhere for certain ones (Kiznaiver for example).
Small correction, I don't actually know if it's 5 minutes longer (I messed up the numbers from the listing in my head), I just remember Funimation saying that their release would have the final version of the film that would have some edits from the theatrical version.
Aw you :3! The splash is it's not officially out yet to be fair there which is why it's taking a while...
The rear illustration is is because I like showing the non main cast too, it's a thing I do sometimes especially when I love the designs of the characters (and I totally do for KyoAni)!
So it's girls design over boys design? Not that Oreki would mind being all that small in the background, but Satoshi certainly would have some cheecky comment on being left out. =P
(Do you happen to be one Mayaka-Fan? Kind is suspicious she's out there on both sides. *cough*)

Fear not, we're planning a book with Part 2, takes time to plan that kind of thing though as I have a LOT of material to work from here so stay tuned on that frontier :).
Now I have a LOT of water in my mouth right now and hope a LOT of this LOT of material will make it in LOTs into part 2~ Wonder how thick the book can be, given the second box doesn't appear to be all that much thicker than the first, given the space placeholder. (Putting my thumbs up that it will be thicker than the You lie in April one.) Incidentally, don't know if you are allowed to say anything about it. But do you have access to other artwork material apart from the Japanese home releases? There are a couple of other illustrations I like, which are seriously hard to track down. Among them is one poster artwork and the only thing that exists for it on the internet is some halfway high resolution photograph of it. I haven't even ever seen it on yahoo auctions. ,_,
(Kind of doubt it's possible, if if it were, it'll totally make my day. Wouldn't mind a Terror in Resonance-ish artbook either even with the unhandy oversize, but that's probably not happening.)

On another note:
After all the Hyouka explosion in my head, that Utena announcement just started to sink in. I have the Nozomi one pre-ordered right now and 50-50% undecided whether to cancel it or not. Like really 50-50 of total undecisiveness and it makes me dizzy. Any hints on whatever front that there are to possibly tip the balance over to whichever side? =P

That's great news that Your Name will be addressed. I wanted wanted to bring this up too if this can be resolved and could receive the same treatment.

The issue I wanted to bring up is with the Outlaw Star BluRay (Episode #24). Basically there is an audio drop out on the English dub and it was claimed that the master had it and therefore could not be resolved when I contacted customer service. I doubt this is true because I also have Outlaw Star DVD from Bandai R1 which does not have it, and also confirmed the Funimation BluRay release of Outlaw Star does not have it either.

Do you think you can look into this for me?
(Do you happen to be one Mayaka-Fan? Kind is suspicious she's out there on both sides. *cough*)

I genuinely had no bearing on the design choices for this release, but speaking personally I believe that there can never be too much Mayaka in any given situation, so it has my full backing and support. ;)
I genuinely had no bearing on the design choices for this release, but speaking personally I believe that there can never be too much Mayaka in any given situation, so it has my full backing and support. ;)
I hope there is also enough love for Irisu left, at least with the relevant packaging design personell. =D