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  1. anime_andrew

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    Hi folks!

    Following up and having unloaded the van I have finally been able to check the BD of Your Name out again for myself. Here's the findings:
    • Audio: We've looked at the disc and while the audio point seems to just be perception based on the fact the JP audio all comes from one source and the international releases will not by and large. While reviewers have noted on the BD the video (aka most recently) you will note nobody across DVD or BD reviewing has flagged audio issues either which lends to this point.
    • Video: While certainly not defective, I would be adding this to the Defective / disappointing disc thread under "disappointing" as to us this is a special project and the quality is while completely fine for casual viewers (of which a large number of buyers will fall under) as a videophile along with long time fan of Mr Shinkai's work, it isn't what I'm completely happy with (good enough to make commercial release, not good enough for me to be proud of). This happens sometimes especially when QC was done quickly and usually companies would leave it be.
    • What are we doing about it: We're making sure the Blu-Ray master is re-authored now to use a better video encode for the next print run that is done.
    • Will you be announcing a formal replacement scheme? No official replacement scheme will be posted, simply put as the disc does pass muster from a industry standpoint and the majority of viewers (in this case the mass market) experience won't be impacted.
    • But I am in the first run and really upset! We totally understand and as a fan who's supported us through thick and thin what we are willing to do is replace your disc when we do the reprint the disc if you're really upset by the quality. All you have to do is email with a subject line of YOUR NAME - BLU-RAY and write us a (polite and short) email saying what your issue with the Blu-Ray is then we'll replace it with a fresh master (coming late this year most likely).
    Hope this clarifies and again shows our dedication to all of you :). I could go into detail on this frontier but figure best keep it short and sweet!

    Very best,


    EDIT - not - sorry!
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  2. anime_andrew

    anime_andrew Anime Limited Representative Industry Representative

    Aw you :3! The splash is it's not officially out yet to be fair there which is why it's taking a while...

    The rear illustration is is because I like showing the non main cast too, it's a thing I do sometimes especially when I love the designs of the characters (and I totally do for KyoAni)!

    Fear not, we're planning a book with Part 2, takes time to plan that kind of thing though as I have a LOT of material to work from here so stay tuned on that frontier :).


  3. Dave1988

    Dave1988 Straw Hat Pirate

    Kudos for that response not many company's would do that at all
  4. Teapot

    Teapot Webmaster Administrator

    Thank you for the detailed response, @anime_andrew. I’ll update our Your Name review today :)
  5. Robbl

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    You're a legend @anime_andrew ! Can we already write an email about this or do we need to wait until it officially comes out?
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  6. Joshawott

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    Thanks for the detailed reply @anime_andrew - very much appreciated. I'll give my discs a spin when I receive them, then decide if I need to give you a hard time :p.

    (Speaking of Marnie, that was an interesting experience. My copy needed to be kept and left sealed as potential evidence in a mail-tampering investigation. So I had to ask StudioCanal's replicators if they'd let me keep the faulty discs, but send out a replacement anyway. They were so confused by the whole thing, but I did get my new disc!).
  7. Lambadelta

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    Damn I wasn't expecting that response. I'm still probably going to pass till the 4K release, but kudos for properly checking into the issues.
  8. NormanicGrav

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    Just wanted to say thank you for offering a replacement for this title. I honestly was not expecting this to happen for a long while. As I am part of the hardcore community I will of course request the replacement (as that video quality really was something in my opinion, but I do agree that it's a 'disappointment' in terms of the defect thread result). It's worth pointing out that my current living situation is up in the air, so I hope that you will let us customers know with an option to change our address locations once the replacement disc production is complete [I bring this point up because I was amazed that my Your Lie in April Part 1 box ended up at my home address rather than my University address back then when the Part 1 order was sent to the latter, no issues ofc].
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  9. megalomaniac

    megalomaniac Brigade Leader

    @anime_andrew Great response Andrew :)

    A question if you don't mind. I strongly suspect I know the answer given how close it is, but it's worth asking for clarification all the same. The Your Name - Ltd Deluxe Edition isn't due till the end of the month: Your Name - Ltd Deluxe Edition, I assume that will be original pressing and not held for the next run? I'm also guessing there will be no further runs of the Deluxe Edition once they're gone? (i.e. if folk want the deluxe they need to get it now).
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  10. Buzzkillington

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    Damn, let me wash the egg off my face on this one then. I really didn't expect much to be done on this one as I assume it's a pretty big print run and most people just ain't gonna care/notice. I'll stick with the DE then and hopefully by the time I get around to actually watching it (I'm very slow, still not watched Letter to Momo...) the new discs will have arrived. I can't imagine how annoying it must be for you to take this hit when it wasn't your fault, but I very much appreciate you doing it.
  11. anime_andrew

    anime_andrew Anime Limited Representative Industry Representative

    Correct on both counts. Note we do hope to do a true Ultimate down the line though (not within the next year or two though).
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  12. megalomaniac

    megalomaniac Brigade Leader

    Great, thanks for the clarification. :)
  13. D1tchd1gger

    D1tchd1gger Straw Hat Pirate

    I always intended to keep my Deluxe Edition pre-order because of the book and hoped, if the problem was truly awful, that something along the lines of what's been offered came to be, so thank you. Having said that I've recently watched the vast majority of the Ghibli Collection and didn't see much wrong so I may not actually notice anything :)
    One question, did you get the other extra approved? If not can you say what it was going to be?

    Plus When Marnie Was There! What happened there? I assume I have a copy where this problem has been fixed, as my PS4 seems fine.
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  14. Teapot

    Teapot Webmaster Administrator

    Could be totally wrong, but we reported the other day:
  15. Patient-X

    Patient-X Straw Hat Pirate

    @anime_andrew Great news, thank you. Looks like I'll be keeping my pre-order for the deluxe :)
  16. Hanners

    Hanners Anime Limited Representative Industry Representative

    We did, and we'll be revealing it officially some time today!
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  17. D1tchd1gger

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  18. D1tchd1gger

    D1tchd1gger Straw Hat Pirate

    Cool. Go on, give us an exclusive, we won't tell. Honest! ;)
  19. Hanners

    Hanners Anime Limited Representative Industry Representative

    It's a photo book of @anime_andrew cosplaying as Mitsuha. *

    * This is not correct. Let us pray that this never actually happens.
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  20. thedoctor2016

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    Its the Bracelet