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Seems Wednesday will be the sub showings and Thursday is dub. Nowhere local so I'll be trekking out for a subbed showing.

Not a dub hater but the modern Gundam dubs often squeeze out the emotion you get from the Japanese cast.

Gundam has always had a dub problem imo, between swapping VA's between seasons etc.

I really loved the dubs for Origin and the movie trilogy compiled from 0079 (was so sad they didn't include the dub on the blu-ray for the movie trilogy!) :)


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For me it's mostly that a lot of the modern stuff often understates high emotion. There are moments in stuff like Thunderbolt and NT where we hear terrified death screams in Japanese whilst in the dub it's like "Oh, I died. Bugger."

When your franchise big message is "war is hell" it's bizarre to see the dubs undercut the moments that bluntly show that.


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Currently only 7 tickets sold for the O2 showing.

A friend points out poor advertising likely hasn't helped, but what a blunt reminder my hobby is a niche here.


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There were 5 other people in my screening, doing my part 🫡

Not having watched a lot of gundam, I didn't really know what to expect. However, I enjoyed it more than I thought it would and I feel like I got a lot out of it without knowing the source material that well.
It was a treat to see mecha on the big screen, which makes me really excited to see Eva3.0+1.0 at SLA.

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I got back from seeing Gundam Doan's island about an hour ago and I had a similar experience to @Loris

There were 5 people total including my wife and I! My wife hadn't seen much Gundam either (just parts of it when I'd been watching it) and she really enjoyed it as well and said similar things to you about it. I just posted in the viewing journal about it. I went to the subbed screening in the Gate Cineworld in Newcastle. Really enjoyed it as well.


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Cucuruz Doan's Island was, as advertised, an expanded TV episode to well more than feature length and I liked it overall, which is good as I did have travel quite a distance to see it! Never seen the original episode and this was certainly one way of fixing that.
Also can say (since it hasn't been announced as of now) that the English dub cast is largely carried over from Gundam: The Origin as this is produced by NYAV Post.
And yes, I too would like to see EVA 3.0 +1.0 in a cinema, this was neat for that as a reminder.


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