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Thankfully anime movies shown in theaters in my area never seem to attract more than 20-25 people in the seats, so there is always plenty of room to spread out and sit away from everyone else. Still, I'm glad I have my own projection theater room in my basement, so I don't feel much need to go out to a public theater at all, other than to attend some of these special anime showings.
I think the only times I saw Vue in Plymouth being 30/40+* people was Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale and My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes nearly had full seating at the first screening in Plymouth.

Normally if I see anime at the cinema in last few years it's been a press screening in London, which is usually without issue since it's journalists in a smaller theatre. No local cinemas show anime releases so it's rare I'll pay out to travel. Broly was an exception so made a booking at the O2 Arena.
For the most part barring Studio Ghibli screenings (Spirited Away at The Regal in Redruth tomorrow, 50-ish people, almost sold out) requested through ourscreen in the Merlin Cinemas, the main cinema chains in Cornwall - Merlin and WTW (no Cineworld, Odeon or Vue) are very much (and understandably) cinemas that mostly show mainstream films and events. So it's a certainty for me to be paying for a (discounted via season ticket) return on the train to Plymouth (nearest Vue) for a screening (sometimes with a friend, not all bad).

It would be nice to have screenings a little bit closer to home (Even if it's Truro or Redruth, travel for "free" on the season ticket, ha) as I have another friend who utterly struggles to come to the screenings at Plymouth as we would get back based on the last train home (arriving in Truro just before midnight), no bus service after 11:30 and work the following morning.

It's just wording it without sounding like a crazy Cornish-centric person rowing a tiny boat in Charlestown harbour with the harbour master telling me off whilst singing Emil's Song from Nier:Automata.**

So as the US is getting Penguin Highway in April will we I wonder...
*fingers crossed* Looks good from the trailer. :)

* Recollecting. That figure is more than likely not accurate, to be honest.
** A couple of hours later spent redrafting it later and hitting Post reply...



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Came back from another showing, this time dubbed, was completely packed with not a single empty seat, movie was still good. I think this Dragon Ball thing might take off.
Saw Broly at the cinema with the gf today. It was a really good movie, and I'm so glad they added more screening days as I was at work the other days it was on. It actually wasn't packed at all, less than 20 people in total. But it was nice being able to get good seats :cool: