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    Best starting pokemon

    My Pokemon teams always seem to end up being a mixture of water and dragons, i think these two can preety much take any type of pokemon out if used right, and what ya mean by school, Im 25 this month and i aint ashamed to say i played and still do play (To a much lesser extent) pokemon games...
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    Best starting pokemon

    I once did Psychic on a lv 11 catapie with a LV 73 MewTwo and it survived, I thought WTF Caught it and renamed is SuperPie LOL 8)
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    Wrestling game

    For any wrestling fans out there you should try this game, im not a big fan of wrestling but I still play and love this game, so even if ya dont like wrestling that much and ya just board click the link below and il see ya in the squared circle 8)...
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    Best starting pokemon

    that was a stroke of luck then wasnt it, otherwise you would have been stuck with bulbasaur *Shivers* hes almost as bad as Pikachu 8)
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    Best starting pokemon

    It sure is mate, it reminds me of my younger years of playing blue on the brick that was the original game boy 8)
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    Best starting pokemon

    yeah and multiple snorlaxs on the same stretch off beach, i still remember getting a **** load of them and any safari zone pokemon they needed and trading them with my mates that didnt no how to play the game properly, ah good times lol 8)
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    Best starting pokemon

    yeah a failer that still has a copy of blue with all 152 polemon at lv 100, thats mew and M for all the noobies that will say there was only 150 and has compleatly finished every pokemon game ever made with max levels. After all that I can still safely say that squirtle has always and will...
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    Best starting pokemon

    As the creator of this post i have to say, wow, you guys are still talking about it, havnt signed on to this forum in months and was supprised to see my name come up in most recent posts LOL, oh and by the way, Squirtle was always and will always be the best starting pokemon 8)
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    best ps2 rpg?

    Gota go with the Final Fantasy fan group on this one, I vividly remember playing FFX for 43 straight hours back when I was unemployed and had no money to do anything better LOL
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    GMT + 1

    I was just wondering why the time on this site is set to GMT + 1 when its a UK site, Surely GMT +0 would be better, Thought I was out of my mind when I read the time for one of my posts LOL
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    Count to a Million

    2981 Somebody's Pin code, not mine but bound to be Someones LOL
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    What are you listening to Now thread.

    Tim McGraw Mostly
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Now just sitting at work doing nothing as my Accounts Database has decided it dont like me anymore, getting paid to do nothing isnt as good as it seems as now im even more bored than I was before :roll:
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    the three word story game

    Saphire, found in...
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Sitting at work on what seems like the slowest PC in history, So Bored!!!!