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State Alchemist
Unfortunately, I think they're going to take the series to its absolute "it's all a joke" maximum, and just give us a silly ep to end on. :(

The light novel series isn't finished though, so you never know if we might get some more episodes one way or another somewhere down the line.


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Over the weekend with James: Zero no Tsukaima season 1 & 2. I enjoyed it. Though some characters bother me, but I tend to despise the bf stealer types. :p

Bottle Fairy 1-5. It's really not doing anything for me, despite that it was recommended since I moderately enjoyed Lucky Star. I'll finish it though since they're really short.
That's probably surprising considering I like light stuff, but it lacks the "oh yea I do that" geeky stuff that Lucky Star had to keep me. :p


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Finished off The Tower Of Druaga. As it was a re-watch I watched the dub which is pretty good. All in all it is a pretty decent fantasy show. Early on it has a bit more comedy, later on a more serious side is more evident.

Started on El Cazador De La Bruja. I like what I have seen so far and the characters are nicely done so far. I will definitely be disappointed if too many things are left unanswered at the end.


State Alchemist
Fairy Tail ep 10, Natsu no Arashi s.2 ep 11.

Both the best episode of each show so far, imo. I really wish more people were watching Natsu no Arashi. :-/
Samurai 7 episodes 1-6

A while ago I watched the first two episodes and was decidedly unimpressed. Second time around I was similarly unimpressed with those two episodes but forged ahead anyway. The series gets off to a slow start but with the second disc things have started to improve. It might just go somewhere interesting after all.

There are still things that bother me: the tone is oddly cartoony at times; Komachi walks a fine line between tolerable and downright annoying (kids in my serious business anime = bad); and Gonzo's animation is typically inconsistent.


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Fairy Tail 10.

Decent Ep, looks like it's quest time for Natsu and co. Just hope to god there isn't a load of filler between them leaving and actually getting the quest done...


Taking Lucky Star for a spin after hearing so many good things about it. I'm 6 episodes in and I must admit I feel it was slightly over rated. Not to say it's bad because it is good and funny but not the masterpiece that I was led to believe.

For humour, I still rate School Rumble any day. :thumb:


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I think I am about the same as your there Voddas.

Code Geass R2 Part 2. I found these episodes more entertaining than some of the previous ones, but I am not sure if it feels like it knows where it is going at this point.


Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 - completed.
I can certainly put this on a par with The 08th MS Team, one of its 'sister' OVAs. It never managed to vastly surpass my expectations, though I must give praise to the culmination of the central love triangle. From the show's premise, I was expecting Units 1 and 2 have some sort of 'final showdown' in the last episode. By destroying both Gundams several episodes beforehand, my initial predictions were proven false, and the plot device with which the series did conclude was not one I would have initially expected.
Of course, the large-scale and seemingly disorderly space battle that accompanied this was a predictable occurrence, but I suppose this is part and parcel of Gundam-related narrative.
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State Alchemist
Cool, good to see people still watching mech shows. ^_^

Today I watched Sacred Blacksmith 11 - decent, but a slight let-down imo.

And Cross Game 37 - outstanding as usual, the best show that no-one is watching (although actually I don't think many people are watching Aoi Bungaku, either).
ilmaestro said:
fabricatedlunatic said:
Komachi walks a fine line between tolerable and downright annoying
That's fair. Any other criticisms of the show are unfair, however. ;)
Well, I'm up to episode 12 and slowly coming around to your point of view. I love a good journey, especially when there's a pursuit involved, so I've really enjoyed the show since the samurai left the city.

Komachi isn't annoying me quite so much (mainly thanks to Luci Christian's vocal performance) but the comedy still seems a bit out of place. Before I bought the DVDs I expected S7 to be more po-faced, like Basilisk, so I was surprised at how light-hearted it could be.