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My Viewing schedule for the week of 21st January - 27th January 2019

Week 6 of my official uk anime release marathon.


Naruto Episodes 53-78
The Chuunin Exam Finals and Orochimaru's Invasion are in this set and both are great arcs.
Naruto's training begins under Jiraiya and we see the beginning of his real growth, Jiraiya and Gamabunta are great additions to the supporting charcters of the series. The relationship between Orochimaru and the hokage is nicely developed in a short amount of time. overall its just a fun set of episodes with plenty too enjoy.

I know the series is 20 years old but i'll say SPOILERS here just in case lol

however i also look at this serie sin hindsight too and there's a pretty big disappointment in this set because of later story events. This being of course the Naruto vs. Neji fight where Naruto whole deal is too prove to Neji that hard work overcomes fate and destiny and that you create your ownd estiny. this was a brilliant message at the time but of course its thrown away later in the series when Naruto is revealed to be the child of prophecy and destine dto do all of this anyway since he;s the descendent of teh sage of six paths. it kills this whole fight unfortunately.

Something i just noticed on this viewing. Where does Asuma go after he saves Shikamaru during the Gaara chase? He knows what kind of threat Gaara is but he doenst continue to chase after Naruto and co after saving Shikamaru. I know its to give us Gaara vs. Naruto but at least write something to keep him occupied lol


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Seiyu's Life eps 4-8
These episodes moved on from working on an anime to cover all sorts of different types of dubbing.

Pool fun and a festival.

Ekoda-chan ep 4
Probably my favourite art wise. Thematically a bit too similar to the second one. I wonder if the directors were told what the others were doing.
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Black Clover episode 68 Another filler episode that at least served to develop some characters and give some foreshadowing.

Run with the Wind episode 15 Starting line.

High School DxD: New episodes 16-24 (Complete. Well this was certainly a big improvement on the first season, not only was the plot tighter but they managed to keep it interesting as well. The lore seemed to be expanded on as well, and it’s fair to say there’s more to DxD than just boobies, baby!) 3.5/5

Dragon Slayer

Fairy Tail (English Dub) Episode 290

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (English Dub) Episode 14

3D Kanojo: Real Girl 2nd Season Episode 4 [16]
Pretty emotional episode this week. So much for that misunderstanding, more like miscommunication. So that explains Tsutsui's personality "Like Father Like Son" I guess. Plus some more character development for Ayado.

WATATEN!: An Angel Flew Down to Me Episode 4
Outdoor pool games and a visit to the Natsu Matsuri.


Hyouka 12-17 tonight. Episode 17 absolutely blew me away, such a good conclusion to the festival arc, and I got goosebumps hearing that particular music that first played when we find out what Chitanda's uncle said that made her cry. Such a good watch.


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Bloom into you episodes 1-2

Tsuki ga Kirei episode 1

Baccano! episode 1

Shield Hero episode 4
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Seiyu's Life eps 9-13 (complete)
A light and fun overview of the various jobs a seiyu might do such as anime, VO on TV shows, games and Western films plus side stuff like radio shows and forming a pop group.
The characters weren't complete one note characters, they had their hang ups especially the main Futaba, but the designs were fairly standard. The VAs were good and if you follow seiyu there were loads of cameos.

Chihayafuru eps 1-3
Someone mentioned season 3 incoming (Spring in fact) so this is my next on my list. I noticed there's 25 episodes per series, so 50 to watch before April!
Nice first arc flashing back to how Chihaya got into Karuta (a uniquely Japanese card game where you have to grab the card with the second half of a poem on when the first half is read out).


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Senran Kagura Shinovi Master (uncensored) Ep 7-12 (end)
This was disappointing. I wasn't expecting much because I'm well aware what this series is about hahaha. The first anime season was alright though! Ah well, at least there was plenty of p l o t


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My Roommate is a Cat episode 4 Getting a collar and going to the vets is never so simple it seems.

The Rising of the Shield Hero episode 4 Raphtalia is ace, and everyone else is still sh*t (well Bow and Sword are alright I guess, but they’re still part of the flawed system.)

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere episodes 1-13 (Complete. Pretty out there in terms of characters but the plot was decent and it managed to entertain me enough.) 3.5/5

Dragon Slayer

Kakegurui×× Episode 4
Another decent episode.

Kemurikusa Episode 4

Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode 4
Some character bonding and a visit to the theatre.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 4
Picking out a collar, and since when did going to the vet's become such a hassle.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 4
Raphtalia is an absolute goddess, as for everybody else they are all still worthless pieces of sh*t (at least Bow & Sword are finally seeing reason, but even so they're still involved in a seriously f*cked up system.)


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GitS S.A.C 1st GIG Ep 20-26 (end)

RWBY v6 Ep1-13 (end)
I have learnt over the years that RWBY is best watched all at once because of its pacing issues. I mean, its pacing is still bad what with the inconsistent episode length, but it's even worse when you watch weekly.
It's one of the better volumes. They're finally getting somewhere.