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Baka Ranger
Code Geass episode 11 - How anyone enjoys this series and thinks it's worth more than a 6/10 is beyond me, boring and predictable, clichés been done a thousand times before... however, I won't give up, never. I love Kallen too much.


State Alchemist
Bad Wolf said:
The dream episode was trippy lulz
Hawk! Eggplant! Mount Fuji! :lol:

Victory Gundam 1-8
Yeah, this looks like it's going to be depressing. "You shouldn't have to be in war, you're just a child! So I'll just kill myself with a grenade right in front of you!" I'm constantly on edge for poor Shakti.
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Robotech 34 to 38.

I know Robotech's a bastardisation of 3 seperate series, but the end of the Macross arc is actually quite sad. I never picked up on it the first time around. :(

Gloval dies, Claudia dies, Kim, Sammy, and Vanessa die. Pretty sad when you think about everything they've been through together.
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The Boss
Fighting spirit (hajimeno ippo) V12 to 16 - Talk about a great sport anime... It's trully awesome
Azumanga Daioh V 1 and 2 - an all time favourite.