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Discussion in 'General Anime Chit-Chat' started by Miaka-chan, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Professor Irony

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    Recovery of an MMO Junkie ep8

    If they have the courage to wrap this up inside a single season, I'll be quite impressed.
  2. HWR

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    Eureka Seven episodes 1-26
  3. D1tchd1gger

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    Some action adventure films today, including 2 more from the Manga Force Collection.

    Golgo 13: The Professional
    James Bond on steroids. Action more bloody and sex scenes more explicit. Thought the animation wasn't bad apart from the CG scene (one of the first in anime), looks like what a pre-vis looks like nowadays when they're planning CG shots, and takes you right out of the moment.


    Lupin the Third: The Secret of Mamo
    Fujiko has Lupin twisted around her little finger. And he must stop Mamo from carrying out his plan.
    Everything in this film seems a step down from Cagliostro.


    Guide to the whether it's a 1st time watch or re-watch: (r) = Re-watch; (x) = First time; (w) = Watched in the last year; (?) = Honestly can't remember!; (na) = Not anime.

    Afro Samurai Directors Cut (r)
    Afro Samurai Resurrection (?)
    Akira (w) Don't own the MF Collection version
    Appleseed (r)
    Armageddon (x)
    Astroboy: Greatest Astro Adventures (x)
    Baldr Force Exe (x)
    Blood: The Last Vampire (r)
    Black Blood Brothers (x)
    Black Jack (x)
    Bubblegum Crash (x)
    Casshan: Robot Hunter (x)
    Danté's Inferno (na)
    Dead Leaves (x)
    Dead Space: Downfall (na)
    Ghost in the Shell (w)
    GitS: Innocence (w)
    GitS SAC: Laughing Man (x)
    GitS SAC: Individual Eleven (x)
    GitS SAC: Solid State Society (r)
    Golgo 13: The Professional (r)
    Heat Guy J (r)
    Hellsing Ultimate Vols 1-4 (x)
    Highlander: The Search for Vengeance (r)
    Ichi (na)
    Jyu-Oh-Sei (x)
    Kai Doh Mar (r)
    Karas: The Prophecy/Revelation (x)
    Lupin the III: The Secret of Mamo (x)
    Macross Plus (r)
    Macross Plus the Movie (?)
    Millennium Actress (r)
    Naruto the Movie: 1 & 2 (x)
    Negima!? Spring & Summer OVAs (x)
    Neon Genesis Evangelion Death & Rebirth (r)
    NGE End of Evangelion (r)
    Ninja Scroll (r)
    Noein: To Your Other Self (x)
    Orguss 2 (x)
    Origin: Spirits of the Past (r)
    Otogi Zoshi (r)
    Perfect Blue (w)
    Psychic Wars (x)
    Read or Die (r)
    She: The Ultimate Weapon (r)
    Shigurui (x)
    Space Adventure Cobra (x)
    Strait Jacket (x)
    Street Fighter: Alpha (x)
    Street Fighter: Alpha Generations (x)
    Street Fighter: II (x)
    Submarine 707 Revolution (x)
    Sword for Truth (x)
    Tactics (x)
    Tokko (?)
    Tokyo Underground (r)
    Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Overfiend (r)
    Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Demon Womb (r)
    Vampire Wars (x)
    Virus: Virus Buster Serge (x)
    X (x)

    Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro
    Forgotten how good this was. You can tell it's Miyazaki from the character design of the Count (with the bad guys from his next 2 films looking very similar) and Clarisse (with Nausicaä also looking very similar).
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    Tokyo ESP (English dub) - Episodes 1-4
  5. ayase

    ayase Godhand

    Well, technically speaking everything in Cagliostro would be a step up, since it came after.

    My feelings on Cagliostro became more mixed the more of the Lupin franchise I was exposed to. Yes, it's a brilliant film in its own right and it looks beautiful, but now when I look at it I feel like Lupin's not really Lupin in it. Fujiko's not really Fujiko. It's Lupin through a very Ghibli lens which yes, I can understand some people would prefer, but it's a bit like if you asked someone to make a James Bond movie that would secure a U certificate* - It might still be good, excellent even, but is it in the spirit of the franchise and characters? Not to say some of the other films and OVAs aren't pretty crap, the entire damn franchise is like a grab bag of rabbit droppings and Nesquik cereal, but Caglistro is like a single Malteaser thrown in there, probably better than both but does it belong?

    On a related note, looking forward to finally seeing the new series whenever AL get round to it.

    *which I suppose sort of happened.
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  6. HWR

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    I recall Monkey Punch himself being dissatisfied with the characterisation, and watching CoC, having seen the original two series' and the Fujiko Mine prequel series, I can definitely understand where he's coming from.

    I quite like the film, though I think it works better as it's own entity as opposed to being a part of the overall franchise. And likewise, Lupin Part IV is one of my most anticipated 2018 releases.
  7. D1tchd1gger

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    Whoops I watched them the wrong way round. I did check the other day, but obviously forgot. So yes Cagliostro is a step up and it's odd that it was Lupin lite as Miyazaki was involved with the original series, but I guess as writer/director and character designer he took it in his own direction. These are the only Lupin's I've seen so far so that's all I've got to go on.
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  8. NormanicGrav

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    The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan (Japanese audio) - Episodes 10-13

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  9. Professor Irony

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    On the nature of the Lupin franchise, I actually get a bit fed up of hearing the argument that the Miyazaki/Takahata version is somehow less valid for not having remained true to the characterisation laid down by the original manga. While very few subsequent offerings have been even half as successful, I think there is enough material out there that borrows extensively from or blatantly tries to copy the tone and feel that film lays down that, for an entire generation of fans, that is their Lupin.

    The fact that we can have the (mostly) family friendly hijinks of Part IV, and its forthcoming continuation, produced more or less concurrently with the adult strain that Sayo Yamamoto and Takeshi Koike have helmed, is surely proof that both interpretations can coexist quite happily and the franchise will not somehow collapse as a result.
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    You make some great points, and for what it's worth I still quite like CoC. The Miyazaki touch makes it unique amongst all of the Lupin material to come out over the years. It deserves a lot of credit for introducing the character to a wider audience.

    On a side note I need another series by Yamamoto or some more films by Koike, they're gorgeously gritty.
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    Gundam Reconguista in G episodes 22-26 (Complete)
  12. NormanicGrav

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    Blend-S (Japanese audio) - Episode 8
  13. Professor Irony

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    Garo: Vanishing Line ep1

    A handsomely mounted opening volley, but maybe a little ordinary? Perhaps I got my hopes up too much during the wait for it appear on CR, but it feels overshadowed by both BBB and Juni Taisen this season. I'll give it a couple of episodes anyway.
  14. HWR

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    The Ancient Magus' Bride episode 8

    Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond episode 8- a two parter? Me likey

    Eureka Seven episodes 27-44
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  15. Gemsy-chan

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    Eps 24-32 of Captain Harlock
  16. ayase

    ayase Godhand

    I don't have a problem with different interpretations of stories or characters existing (Hell, I love Ghost in the Shell in... almost all its forms) as long as people recognise that's what they are, because what I do have a bit of a problem with is people basing their expectations of and judging the rest of the franchise relative to something that is, in terms of its general "feel" (for want of a better word I might be able to think up later) an anomaly rather than the norm.

    get a bit fed up of hearing "It's nothing like Cagliostro" (usually in a negative way) from people for whom that was their first experience of the franchise when they delve deeper into it, (and because it's so damn popular, of course it's just about everybody's starting point) so I just do my best to try and let people know that no, it's not going to be the same and here's why. No particular negativity towards the film itself intended really, just to what it's done to people's expectations of the franchise as a whole.
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  17. Professor Irony

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    That's fair enough, I would have to admit that was exactly my reaction when I first saw Secret of Mamo.
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  18. Gemsy-chan

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    Ep 8 of The Ancient Magus' Bride
    Ep 8 of Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond
  19. NormanicGrav

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    The Ancient Magus' Bride (Japanese audio) - Episode 8
  20. NormanicGrav

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    The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan (Japanese audio) - Episodes 14-16 (Complete)
    The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan: I Cannot Let Summer Break End (Japanese audio) - OVA


    This spin-off series was a lot more fun than I was expecting, and it's really good (imo). The OVA was also another added fun too.

    November on-disc backlog progress:
    #01 | The Tatami Galaxy
    #02 | Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
    #03 | Space Dandy Season 2
    #04 | Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine
    #05 | Serial Experiments Lain
    #06 | Gonna Be the Twin-Tail!!
    #07 | The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

    Blood Lad
    Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2
    Tokyo ESP
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