Your controversial anime opinions.

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    Okay the head tilts are amazing, I will give you that. I think it's special, just perhaps a bit too special for me. But hey at least I like the books, that's something right? :p At least I have something against how SHAFT handle it and not the series itself. ;)
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    Yeah, the ending of Redline isn't going to win any awards, is it?

    JP: I love you, Sonoshee.
    Sonoshee: I'm so happy. I love you, too.
    [Caption:] LOVE
    [Caption:] THE END

    Oh, we're getting into some good stuff here! :D

    I saw the first episode of Bakemonogatari and got no further. To be honest, as soon as the episode started with that timed, slow-motion split-second panty shot, I thought "Ah. I'm not so sure now." And Araragi's oh-so-nonchalant "Oh, don't worry about her" remark in dismissing Shinobu... I thought that was just yawnsomely try-hard, like: "Oh, you mean the vampire girl in the shadows there? Yeah, never mind about that." It just made me think "This is what the anime hipsters are proclaiming to be the best thing since sliced ever?!"

    One of my own favourite things ever is Shinbo's Negima!? (SHAFT's series 2 "re-imagined" version). I absolutely love it to bits: it's hilarious and inventive and stylish and clever and so many other things. I though it was SHAFT at their most fresh, before the bright, flat colour palettes, cutaway character motifs and focus on unusual objects and shapes started to become somewhat formulaic. His stock has been in decline with me ever since. I'm now actually a bit wary of his name being associated with something I'm interested in. Especially since sitting through the whole of his Arakawa Under the Bridge, in fact. Dear god.
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    I will admit, besides the two parts of Kizu, the only SHAFT show I have sat through recently and actually enjoyed was March Comes in Like a Lion. I didn't like what they did with Nisekoi and I actively hate Sasami-san@Ganbaranai.

    It's completely possible that March, Kizu and Madoka Magica are the only things I like from that studio overall...
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    I mean, there is a genuinely good reason for that. Read Kizumonogatari :p
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    I'm a big fan of Madoka Rebellion. I admire some of the genuinely disturbing imagery SHAFT have created (without Shinbo's involvement this time). That half moon somewhere near the end of the film, the one that's huge in the sky? You can see the stars behind one side of it, meaning that it's actually missing. It's just an outright chilling image somehow that, I think, perfectly captures the unsettling nature of scriptwriter Gen Urobuchi's brave concept.

    Like I say, watching the first episode of the anime caused me to dismiss the Monogatari series outright. Call that a disservice to the franchise as a whole, if you like! :p
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    Also while I'm on the subject of controversial anime opinions... I dislike the majority of cute girls doing cute things shows. Some of them are okay provided they have a deeper plot, but overall anime has better things to be doing (like exploring vast fantasy worlds <3).
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    I mean, it is! Honestly, I wasn't sold on Monogatari until about episode 9. I think you should at least watch up until the end of the Hachikuji arc before you write it off entirely. I didn't love the show after one episode, but now it's a favourite of mine!

    Now this is just a lie.
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    That entire genre (subgenre?) just fascinates me, not because I think any of them are overly brilliant (except Sora no woto), but because I am genuinely curious to see what thing they'll have them doing next. So far we've had cute girls in a band, driving tanks, in a motorcycle club, in a battle royale club etc. Limitless possibilities. :D
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    I love how in one issue of NEO magazine, in a column called "Fanservice hall of shame", they shamed one scene in Strike Witches where the girls "enjoy some bathtime frolics and light sexual assault", or words to that effect. It's when fanservice gets involved that it just all becomes really... icky and uncomfortable.

    YES! I love Sound of the Sky! :D
    It's so fun and charming, and largely free from any exploitative fanservice. I always define it as "moe-meets-military", with some wartime drama thrown in for good measure. And that ending song? It's just so damn catchy!

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    I'm still holding out for AL to do a fancy edition of it. A nice Blu-ray edition that makes use of some of the show's gorgeous art would be ideal. It's the best thing that came out of 'Anime no Chikara'.
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    Sound of the Sky is great. I also really like Shirobako and P.A Works ideas of 'girls doing cute things', but that's generally because they're covering something I'm actively interested in. New Game passes for similar reasons, I actively have interest in seeing how games are developed so it's an interesting situation.

    Stuff like Yuru Yuri though, that has no point whatsoever to me and when they have no real point it's when they degrade into silly fan-service which just annoys me to no end. I get that they have an auidence and people do enjoy them, but just not for me.
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    Hoh! Put me down for one of those right now, please very much! :p

    I've never seen Yuru Yuri. I haven't seen Keijo!!!!!!!! either (yep, eight exclamation marks), and that looks pretty deplorable to me. I've read good things about it, though. Is it true?
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    I haven't seen Keijo!!!!!!!! either, but from what a friend who has seen it tells me, it's played straight. As in, it models itself after proper sports anime. :D I don't know how true that is, since the clips I've seen in passing on Facebook look truly ludicrous, and I can't imagine a world where that show takes itself seriously.
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    I wanna stir something up now.

    Golden Boy
    is the best anime of the 90s. :D
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  15. Joe

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    Regarding cute girl shows, I tend to prefer the subgenre (if you want to call it that) iyashikei (or "healing"), generally much slower-paced shows, focusing a lot more on the atmosphere and setting as well as the characters. Stuff like Aria, Flying Witch, Non Non Biyori. Nice to just sit down, relax and melt away with an episode or two whenever you need to just chill out. I do also really enjoy more typical cute girl shows, like the aforementioned YuruYuri and the like, though I can absolutely understand they're not everyone's cup of tea, and I'm certainly under no pretensions myself that they're anywhere close to high-art.

    Anyway, that's me going a little off-topic, and in no way controversial. Though thinking about it, my tastes are pretty boilerplate and I don't have many opinions that would fit. If I had to contribute something, I'd probably say that I think the ending to Katanagatari is fantastic and those who think otherwise possibly didn't pick up on a lot of the themes of the show.
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    Not sure if this counts as controversial but it's all I can think of that goes against the grain, so my contribution to the thread is that Angel Beats is complete and utter garbage. I also agree with Demelza on the whole cute girls thing.....
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    Ah hell, even though people know a lot of mine already, I kinda feel like having a run through, because I'm not sure all of them are known. To get the obvious out the way first:

    1. I think My Romantic Teen Comedy Snafu is literally the worst thing ever. See here.
    2. I think Yuri on Ice is overrated as all hell. See here.
    3. The original Ghost in the Shell is boring as all hell, and is only useful as some sort of sleep aid. SAC is an improvement, but is generally overrated.
    4. Akira is also over praised, but I still find it enjoyable. I actually need to watch it again some time, perhaps in Japanese.
    5. Berserk (2016/2017) is not a bad show. It has bad animation, yes, but it does not make it bad.
    6. The original ending to Neon Genesis Evangelion is bad. End of Eva is perfect though.
    7. The Garden of Sinners is such a mixed bag in terms of quality that I can't understand the praise. It has high highs but very low lows.
    8. Nisemonogatari's toothbrush sequence is a work of art.
    9. Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works is better than Fate/Zero. Not by much though.
    10. Punch Line is a fantastic series.
    11. Despite being good, the storytelling in Monster cripples it by telling and not showing.
    12. Dragon Ball Kai is the only way to watch Dragon Ball Z.
    13. Space Dandy Season 1 > Space Dandy Season 2
    14. Tokyo Ghoul Root A is just as good as the first season, if not better in some regards.
    15. When Supernatural Battles Become Common Place is the second best thing Trigger has produced.
    If anyone wants further detail on any of these, just ask. I will defend my opinions tooth and nail! :p
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    Definitely agree on Tokyo Ghoul Root A, and I do lean towards Kai being my preferred way to view DBZ on subsequent viewings :)
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    At last, somebody that appreciates true art! :D

    You can hold any controvertial opinion you like, you lovable scamp. You can badmouth anything else I love, because that one line has just secured you my undying good will. Come give me a hug. We're having a moment.
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    This is the only AMV. The only one you ever need.
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