Your controversial anime opinions.

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    One Punch Man isn't funny or even entertaining and is in my experience easily the most over rated show in Anime History.
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    Attack On Titan Season 2 is better than My Hero Academia Season 2.
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    Allow me to re-balance your opinion of me by confirming that I also like Elfen Lied, as this seems to be a controversial opinion now as well.

    Good luck finding Gall Force DVDs for a reasonable price. I obtained it by other means, which I don't really have a problem doing with oop anime that isn't available to buy or stream in a localised version any more and is ludicrously priced second hand. Should it ever be re-released subbed (which I doubt) I would certainly buy it.
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    Does anyone really claim otherwise? Most reviews I've seen put it as middling at best.
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    Akira is one of the most boring things I've ever seen. The manga is amazing though.
  6. IncendiaryLemon

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    This is me but for Ghost in the Shell. Haven't read the manga though.
  7. Neil.T

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    Eeeeeeeeeh?!?!? :eek:
    I agree. ;)

    Okay, here's one from me:

    The Japanese live-action version of Death Note has a far superior and much more satisfying ending than the anime. Whereas the anime basically follows the manga's blueprint, the films forge their own path, introducing a bold and unexpected new element that's nowhere to be found in the original.

    L writes his own name in the Death Note in order to make himself immune from anything Light may write in it.
    (Far less controversially, actor Kenichi Matsuyama's portrayal of L is a work of utter genius, in my opinion, and is by far my favourite version of what is one of my outright favourite characters. But, then, I'm biased: I got into Death Note in the first place through seeing the pair of live-action films on Film4.)
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    Little Busters is better than Clannad.
    I enjoy the characters in Little Busters more than Clannad. Plus Clannad was way more boring than Little Busters.
  9. KurataTrigger

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    Boku no Hero is just an another forgettable shounen series
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  10. Lord Bacchus

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    I hadn't ever given the live action Death Note much thought since live action adaptations are almost always worse. If it does have a better ending though, I think I will try to get around to watching it. The anime just felt so forced after episode 25, almost like it was intended to end there, but the writer had been strongarmed into continuing it out of popularity's sake or something. It's one of the reasons I can't understand why it's held in such high regard. Sure, for the first 25 episodes, it's pretty high tier stuff, but the way they decided to continue after that changed my opinion of it from "this is pretty awesome" to "that was alright, I guess".

    Death Note is one of those ones I class in the same ranks as shows like Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, and SAO. They're really easy ways to introduce people to anime and get them to dip their toe in without overwhelming them with all of the more "advanced" :D tropes, with the expectation that they'll get hooked and find the truly amazing stuff later once they've wrapped their head around the more off-kilter parts of the medium. In my opinion of course. There are also other gateway anime which I think are just very good in general though, like FMA: Brotherhood, Code Geass, Cowboy Bebop, and One Punch Man.
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  11. Neil.T

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    You're on the money again there! :D
    (I haven't seen FMA: Brotherhood or One Punch Man so far.)
    I do highly recommend them, dude; they're well worth your time, in my view. I know I said already, but Kenichi Matsuyama's portrayal of L is astounding. He captures all of the character's tics and habits brilliantly, right down to the way he sits in that perched kind of way and the way he holds objects like mobile phones delicately by his fingertips. One of my favourite examples is where L is thinking while stacking sugar cubes on the table in front of him (sitting perched, of course!). The stack collapses, he scoops them up, drops them all in his teacup... and stirs it with a lollipop! The making-of features included in the four-disc set show just how properly method he was in playing the part.
    The live-action focuses exclusively on the battle of wits between Light and L, with some very clever new twists along the way. Mello and Near do not feature.

    PLUS!!! You get to watch actress Erika Toda take on the role of Misa. Her presence has always been one of the absolute highlights for me. (Be still, my beating heart! :D)
    And yes: somehow, the live-action Attack on Titan films manage to be even worse than the anime! I saw them at Scotland Loves Anime a couple of years ago, and they were brilliantly, hilariously bad. It was just the best kind of fun, though, watching them as part of an audience like that. I wouldn't have missed it for the world!
    The jukebox was the evil mastermind behind it all! :p
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  12. Lord Bacchus

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    My opinion on FMA: Brotherhood is that it's a very well done shonen action show. My issue with that genre (demographic?) of show is normally that the characters are usually just a big bag of cliches. Brotherhood avoids this for the most part, and the characters are quite easy to empathise with. It also helps that they have a clear goal from the start, rather than it just being "I must get stronger to fight this thing, then I will be beaten down and become stronger again to fight the bigger thing"

    One Punch Man is one of those ones that lure you in because its premise is brilliant in its stupidity. It starts out as just a parody of the idea of superheroes, by putting forth this ridiculously overpowered guy. You would think that a show like that would meander after the first couple eps because it's hard to have tension when a hero literally cannot lose, but it goes off in a different direction and instead makes it about how someone with such a stupid power is treated with suspicion and hostility. Plus it has some of the best animated action scenes I've seen in anything. It's pretty much sakuga all the time rather than just for special bits, and the only thing I can really compare it to in that respect is probably Redline.

    You've already sold me on it just by telling me that the walking deus ex machina doesn't make an appearance. :D
    I had heard that the Attack on Titan movies were especially bad, but I haven't gone out of my way to experience them first hand. If they're as bad as you say, then I might have to see them out of morbid curiosity, especially since reading that spoiler tag has just filled me with confusion. :D
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    Did you just compare the art to Redline??? Sold! (Although you'd already sold me on it even before that. :D)
    You should definitely take a look at them out of morbid curiosity, dude! The best think about it is the CG effects for the Titans themselves: they're actually pretty menacing, unlike their goofy-looking anime counterparts. Everything else is a disaster, though!:p

    The script's awful, the tone's all over the place, the acting is bad (despite the solid cast, so I blame the direction for that), and Levi's replacement, "Shikishima", is just... really... creepy. The big exposition scene involving him in the second film (the scene in the white room containing, yes, the jukebox ;)) is supposed to be really tense and mysterious, but it just had the whole audience roaring with laughter at how bad it was.
    The scene (intentionally or otherwise) plays out with strong homoerotic overtones between Shikishima and Eren. I overheard some fans talking on the way out of the cinema, and they, too, thought that Eren's downward glance at one point was because Shikishima had given him a hard-on! The whole scene is just so hilariously cack-handed and misjudged. :D
    Heh, heh, heh. :D
    I made that jukebox comment to the girl in the seat next to me in the cinema and it got a laugh at the time, so I thought I'd throw that in here as a teaser. I'd ended up getting chatting to the group sitting in the seats next to me during the day, so it was just an absolute blast watching the film in that kind of environment. That's what it was all about for me. One of the group wasn't so enamoured with the films, though: she was a big AoT fan and was absolutely horrified! "How could you actually enjoy that!?" she asked her friend in the seat next to mine. Her reply was great: "It's just that I didn't have any expectations after seeing the first one!"

    It was proper B-movie badness. :D
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    It's not so much that the art style is similar, it's just that everything is ridiculously fluid (maybe not quite on the level of Redline, but nothing can be on the level of Redline). I recall being incredibly impressed that they got such good animation quality on a TV anime budget, since it was at the level that only films with higher budgets can normally aspire to. It was done by Madhouse, and it was definitely them bringing their best to the table.
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    Ah-ha! It all becomes clear now. :D

    I couldn't even tell you how many times I've watched Redline by now. It just keeps me coming back again and again and...

    Put it this way: praising Redline is never going to qualify as a controversial anime opinion, is it? (I'm already wrapping my fists in preparation for someone trying to criticise it, though. :p)
  16. Lord Bacchus

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    I feel like the only shots that could possibly be taken at Redline would have to be for its story, but that would be kind of missing the point of Redline. :D It wasn't made to be a literary masterpiece, it was made to look really pretty, and it does. Mission accomplished as far as I'm concerned.
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    Controversial anime opinions? Oh boy...

    I really dislike the Monogatari anime.

    It's not that I dislike Monogatari itself, as I actually really enjoy reading the books, but I can' stand how SHAFT decided to adapt them and so got through a few episodes of Bakemonogatari and then quit. I enjoyed the Kizu movies more but I also saw the first two during the Leeds Film Festival and I think the overall atmosphere really helped with that viewing. ^^;
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    I feel like you just insulted my child or something. :D It's a special child, it's just misunderstood. My undying love for Akiyuki Shinbo is being called into question. Did you even think of the head tilts when you wrote this? :D
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  20. Lord Bacchus

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    I forgot about that one. That was a really choice head tilt.
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