Where to Buy Anime in the UK (was Anime Online Retailers)


School Idol
Just had word from United Publications they had to cancel my Ladies Vs Butlets Undressed Edition - aparantly Rightstuf have gone radio silent about if they are actually going to fulfil existing orders. Given they burnt me on a figure order last year I can't see myself using Rightstuf again.
Amazon have it listed. About £32 plus £1.26 postage.
Haven't put it in basket to see if there are customs on top.


School Idol
The Rightstuf ero exile website appears to be live now: Home - BuyAnime.com

I am curious if there's been any noticeable changes in prices, but I don't have any references to compare against.
I didn't order anything from rightstuf.

I do own 6 of these titles, all from 3-5 years ago. Mainly got them through Amazon. All of them are on the site and $30 while I paid about £20.
There are titles from $14.

Don't know if this helps but if you've a specific question, I won't be shy about answering.
And if your wondering, mine have plots. 😇


Straw Hat Pirate
A bit slow, no tracking - but good prices.
However their packaging is the bare minimum, I wouldn't order Limited Editions or Steelbooks from them. Once I had a broken case, and they offered me just 10% discount.


They have tracking, at least for shipments to the UK, Netherlands and Germany (dunno about other countries). Deliveries to Netherlands usually takes 2 weeks. They seal the items in corrugated cardboard sheet mailers which is fine for standard editions, but not great for collector's editions. That said, my Ultraman sets and Gravity Falls box have arrived without damage. I believe they only use boxes for larger orders/items.


Pokémon Master
As we’re talking about the WOW HD/DeepDiscount you might also take a look at ImportCDs which belongs to the same group, but is less known. They mostly have the same prices as DeepDiscount, and the same packaging, but sometimes are lower. Have used ImportCDs in the past without any problems.