what you up to this christmas


With the way things are looking, I'll probably be playing catch up to the end of the current season, at Christmas.

Perhaps the second half of Amagami SS too, for good measure.


ok i need help on something.

i dont know what get my mom and 22 year old sister for christmas soooooooo i was woundering if you guys could give me a few suggestions on what to get them


Magical Girl
I have Christmas week off so I'll probably send it playing my PS3, watching anime and Reading manga/books... I may go out somewhere if someone bothers to invite me, otherwise I think I'll just spend the week relaxing.

Get your mum to help you pick out something for your sister and Vice versa. =)


@JamesX i love that idea but my sisters a****** boyfriend wont let her out of her site ( reason - hes a a**h*** ) but il ask my mom what i should get her


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I'll be helping dad cook the food over Christmas and then in new year we're going to a Medieval banquet (don't ask me where, I didn't arrange it myself)!

Which reminds me I have to get my cards and presents ready soon.

Anime wise I guess I'll carry on with Tears To Tiara, Kanon was a great winter anime to watch this year...can't think of any other seasonal animes.


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Zin5ki said:
cercia said:
a Medieval banquet
For maximum authenticity, the menu should be published in Middle-English verse and tainted with traces of preserved excrement.
Interesting.. and here was me thinking that it should just involve using your hands and no knives or forks...