What you guys doing right now.

At the moment I'm listening to a DVD of The Two Ronnies while typing out this post. I like some of the more old-fashioned comedy shows.
Hoping that Guile's theme would imbue me with super powers, much like when Captain Marvel shouts "SHAZAM!", but obviously much cooler

On a more serious note I'm just watching clips from Red Dwarf
Preordered ricky gervais science.
Looking online for anime i might buy (shippuden already in the list ofcorse)

Trying to get away from gaming for a while and get back to anime before summer kicks in (and the already busy social life pretty much kicks into high gear)
Just lifted a little. First time doing skullcrushers, and my forearm is feeling very strange. I'm also prepping to watch the original Caligula in an effort to catch a few quality glimpses of a younger, and less deflated Helen Mirren. The only reason anyone watches this film, I'm sure...
Sat at work.... reading the forums, thinking "4 people turned up for training, thats half the total people expected.... why the hell was i called into work to sit at my desk doing nothing till midday?"

Waste of my time ¬___¬

Oh and my gf and her friends are all out tonight, i was invited but typically i have something important tomorrow first thing in the morning so have to have an early night AND i can't have a drink. Grrrr and i was paid wrong from work.

off to go rip someones head off in finance *grinds axe*
Day off from the horrors of public sector life - cooking up the best chilli in the world and sinking a few beers. Been a good day.
Just discovered two bands that I really like are playing on the same day.

dEUS are in London on 01 June. This is the band I have wanted to see since I was 17 but something always got in the way.

However, Versailles, play in France that same evening.

I think everyone can guess where I'm going..... :)

I mean seriously, what are the odds of that happening???

M.G x
Just threw my sealing gun in the bin, as I was too strong for it when it came to the end of a bottle. Cheap piece of crap... Off to Homebase for me tomoz.

Bloody tiles....