What Music are you listening to? Discussions Welcome!

The Virgin Suicides OST - I'm not sure what I think of the film, which I have only seen once (specifically regarding whether it engages in the same sexualisation of teenagers that the book it's based on, from what I hear, seeks to satirize and critique) but the music is AMAZING and I first listened to it long before actually getting around to watching the film.

I looooove this soundtrack! It's is one of my favourites and I do like Air a fair bit. Loved the movie too, all that time back when I watched it heh, and am now reminded that I still haven't got myself a hard copy 🤦‍♂️
Currently listening to a metal EP that got released today entitled Uncle Dave’s Biscuit Barrel Goes Apeshit in Your Laundry.

Edit: just found this on their Facebook page.

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Been listening to a lot of MyGO!!!!!'s stuff since the anime ended. Considering buying their album in my next CDJapan order. Definitely one of the best groups in the BanG Dream franchise on a musical and conceptual level.

Also looking forward to Teppen's character song and soundtrack album. Very nice to see they're still putting stuff out for this franchise even though it's not as popular as other Bushiroad projects.
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I love this song, it always makes me cry, even though I know she is singing about her TV, but that's part of what's so sad about it, it is a song about loneliness ^^

It's that time of year again:

Not much variation in genres

A bit more so in artists. I listened to a load of Peter Gabriel albums because I've only ever listened to So and a few of his earlier hits. So is definitely his best! Might do similar with another artist next year.
But then again not so much in top songs. I think the top 3 are all from a playlist called The Journey (ie the GTA IV radio station) Extended.