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Can't remember if I've posted this here already, but I find the lyrics and message of this of great interest - it got me thinking about life, and I get that it relates to the idea of not being too consumed by material things, but what I really like about it the most is that it is saying something that I read online once "You are worth it becomes you are not enough." (and need this product/a "better" life, to complete yourself). I'm not arguing against changing one's life for the better (things like leaving a toxic relationship or changing jobs can be among the best decisions we will make in our lives!) I just think it is sad how we can get caught up in a pursuit of perfection, forgetting to learn from, appreciate, and live in our own lives, as they are. The other day a very nice person who works in a coffee shop I go to sometimes, explained the concept of being present in the moment (within reason) to me in a way that really made sense for the first time in my life, and I feel a lot less worried now. This song was an important part of that journey for me as well when I came across it a few months ago :)

I also like this song, while realistically I doubt that I will ever choose to get rid of all my nice stuff (particularly given that it means I have things worth selling if a financial emergency arises such as medical things which I'm at heightened risk of cuz of my health conditions) I do get the point they're making :)

Skindred are back! I didn't really like the last album (only one of theirs I haven't) but new song is back to a Union Black/Kill The Power vibe and its great. Will be so much fun to see live!

Japan really are at the top of the metal scene these day. This lot are awesome. Listening to the album at the moment and so far has not disappointed.

That time of year again;


Ohh, a couple of them are from this century. I'm surprised.


Absolutely zero surprises there.


So not a lot has changed in my musical tastes in 30 years really... Except for a certain Japanese technopop trio I discovered by accident a decade ago.
Apparently I'm an adventurer

Although I don't think my tastes have changed that much.


Although I don't how Compositional Ambient is any different from regular Ambient.
The trend of top songs coming from various playlists continues. 4 of the 5 top songs appear on 2 of mine. The 5th (no. 2) must be on a couple of different ambient playlists that I listen to.


Not as much anime stuff this year, apart from the current season there's only a handful of OP/EDs that grabbed me.
The appearance of both Clannad and Capercaillie in my top artists is due to listening to them a lot on our Scottish holiday.

Thought for sure @Ian Wolf would beat me to this.

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This was restricted to me so i had to click to see what it was and i have to say, was not expecting this, but i am so so happy that i clicked

I'm now reaching this pont, i can't remember what i've already posted here... hopefully not repeating, but this is what i am on
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