What Music are you listening to? Discussions Welcome!

Electric Callboy's new album Tekkno came out last Friday and its all I've listened to since. The mix of techno, synth pop, pop punk, metal core (and in one song deathcore) is exceptional. It's fun and funny but still manages to have a few serious songs for good measure. It's brisk half hour run time keeps it energetic and interesting and it never outstays its welcome. It's so good. At least 1 million out of 10 for me. Will almost certainly be my album of the year.

Here's the latest video (the 6th single so far on an album of 10 tracks!)
It never ceases to amaze me when I find music from obscure 80s/90s anime available to buy on iTunes. Latest find: the theme from Ultimate Teacher!

Might have to save my final thoughts on Disco Elysium for a while, but this is absolutely going to be seeing heavy rotation in my life. This track does not politely request, but DEMANDS to be played at speaker destroying volume.

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A pleasant song by ReoNa. Though I'd have to admit I'm not feeling it as an OP but more of an ED. Though I guess it's also somewhat fitting to create "A Light Spark in Darkness" effect in terms of what's been shown in the OP 🤔