What Music are you listening to? Discussions Welcome!


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found my copy of Cross last week and i think i've listened to it in full maybe 6 times so far, it's such a good album

also got Avril Lavigne's new album "Love Sux" and listened to that a couple times too, got sold on the album when i saw 2 people say the same thing "it sounds like it came out in 2002", one was in a positive way and the other in a negative way lol

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Fat Jon who is one half of the Samurai Champloo soundtrack released a new album the other day.

Been listening to Foo Fighters in memory of Taylor. I was born after the whole grunge scene, so Foo Fighters really were the staple hard rock band when I was growing up. Lots of memories with them. So many of these songs hit different now when listening to the words.



Thousand Master
remembered that this came out this week and have been listening to it, i'm not really much of a jazz person but i can appreciate it and i can also say that it's


i linked the playlist but the forum embeds the first video ¯\(ツ)


Vampire Ninja
Been giving Ado a listen to. Vocals on point and the MV visuals for the TeddyLoid Remix is wild 😍

A new track from Stray Kids latest EP "Oddinary" does not disappoint ✅

Arknights CCs Themes songs are always hot 💯

and finally the best saved for last. Official Music video of ‘CALLING’ from coldrain studio album “Nonnegative”. The upcoming album is already looking promising by blessing us with a track that is fully charged up ⚡🔋 (already pre-ordered the first press limited edition)


I've been listening to this YouTube station whenever I need some background music to chill to. They call the genre Chillstep, it's a bit like lo-fi, but more ambient/electronic:

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Clearly late to the Jujitsu kaisen party and really enjoying the end credits tune:
And from my YouTube playlist came across this great one from a recent simulwatch:
Lost count on how many times I've replayed this one now; really irritated at not checking my emails enough to have a chance at getting tickets to their show yesterday but nevertheless looking forward to the new album next week: