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jake scully

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Listened to Pink Floyds Animals & one of my fave albums of all time by Yes - Going For The One
My only gripe is the cover because Roger Deans artwork was turned down and got Hipgnosis who did Pink Floyd covers - shame the cover didnt feature a girl


Oh wow... I still get goosebumps listening to this Slavic masterpiece 😮

On a different note. Now with the long anticipated character drop "Ayaka" from Genshin Impact. I can finally grasp onto the M O T I V A T I O N even further 🌩️

p.s. Bury The Light will never die!

"One cannot simply cast aside their motivation, lest their desire to move onwards is forever forsaken."


Her moveset screams Vergil 😱 miHoYo is big brain 🧠 They know exactly what they're pulling here 😂

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