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jake scully

Listened to Pink Floyds Animals & one of my fave albums of all time by Yes - Going For The One
My only gripe is the cover because Roger Deans artwork was turned down and got Hipgnosis who did Pink Floyd covers - shame the cover didnt feature a girl


Thousand Master
Oh wow... I still get goosebumps listening to this Slavic masterpiece 😮

On a different note. Now with the long anticipated character drop "Ayaka" from Genshin Impact. I can finally grasp onto the M O T I V A T I O N even further 🌩️

p.s. Bury The Light will never die!

"One cannot simply cast aside their motivation, lest their desire to move onwards is forever forsaken."


Her moveset screams Vergil 😱 miHoYo is unleashing big brain power 🧠 They know exactly what they're pulling here 😂

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Since the Update 2.0 "Inazuma" drop, the OST has invaded my mind 🤯 Just from walking through the capital city to even pounding harmless slimes, it really hits different (some Ghost of Tsushima vibes as well). miHoYo has truly moved with finesse since Guns Girl Z / Honkai Impact and I'm looking experiencing more to come 👍

The Battle Themes (tracks 60-64) absolutely slaps 🔥
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Death Scythe
My miserable ass can’t stop listening to Bon Iver atm. I really love Exile with Taylor Swift.

When I’m not so down, Two Feet’s new song Devil bloody slaps.


They gave me The Weekend and then said I was in the top 91% LOL. How about giving me an artist I've listened to more than a couple of hours? Something like The Orb or Levellers!
It’s very odd - it’s also given me a 91% with Lady Gaga, who I’ve apparently listened to for a huge total of two hours.

According to other stats sites, Taylor is only at #6 for me overall, so I really don’t know what’s going on! 😅


Thousand Master
DOAXVV has some really smooth tracks to vibe to. Many great vocals for the summer times. I'm especially hooked with new SSR character "Elise" theme song. It's got this 80's Miami style feel to it.

(YouTube link inside spoiler)

Eternal chibi

I'm listening to Incognito. If you like the Persona 5 soundtrack, you should definitely check this band out! One of the first Acid Jazz bands from London.