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Amalee's latest album of anime song covers Unity is out and it's a lot if fun. I believe it's on spotify though I got it off of Amazon.

Has songs from Black Clover, Log Horizon, Your Lie in April, Toradora and Panty & Stocking amongst others

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I was really disappointed by McFly's comeback song (Happiness) - it's just so bland and lifeless IMO.

But this one (with Mark from Blink 182) has just been released and I love it!



Crossfaith did an excellent online gig last night! You can still buy tickets and watch it archived until the 22nd. Tickets are $15 so not much to support a great band in these trying times and watch a great show.


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Just had a listen to their top tracks on Spotify. Not for me, just a load of noise, only half decent one was a cover, but the singing's not great (I'll let them off for being Japanese singing in English). Anything heavy or hardcore (in any genre, metal, rap, dance, etc) is probably the only music I can't listen to. Having said that I did buy the Asobi Asobase ED, but more for the novelty factor:

In fact the cover is of Omen by The Prodigy probably the heaviest of my favourite bands. Went to see them live once, way back in '98 on the Fat of the Land tour, brilliant.
Here's the original:
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Went to see them live once, way back in '98 on the Fat of the Land tour, brilliant
That must have been incredible. I saw them a few times and they were always great.

Just had a listen to their top tracks on Spotify. Not for me, just a load of noise,
Lol fair enough. I'm a big fan of Crossfaith but then I happily listen to lots of bands where the vocals are entirely screaming. In fact I think Crossfaith were better when they sang less and it was almost only screaming. His singing is good on the song Freedom which also features the lead singer of Enter Shikari.


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So JoJi, the musician who is also an ex-YouTuber known as Filthy Frank & Pink Guy (aka the creator of the viral hit Harlem Shake and the meme IT'S TIME TO STOP), released his second album recently called Nectar. I was quite surprised by his song Run earlier in the year and realised his music is actually pretty solid, though flawed in various areas. Ballads 1 is by all means not the best selection but there was a lot of potential with songs such as SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK, TEST DRIVE and YEAH RIGHT, and I feel Nectar delivers in the areas that he was pretty good at.

Nectar though, despite having a large setlist, is also not a perfect album. A lot of the songs are pretty great (Ew, MODUS, Run, Pretty Boy, Afterthought to provide some examples) but others are good but lacking in replay value. Reanimator is also a disappointing song that had a lot of missing potential due to cutting short on the song's runtime (it has a big build up that doesn't pay off). I do think overall it's a solid second album that has more to grow, so overall rating is going to be 3.5/5.

Joji also has a lot of songs that don't make the cut, like this one which is shame lol.


So I've just discovered the joy of Eskimo Callboy. If you like electronicore bands then definitely give them a go. Hypa Hypa has a really funny video!



I'm currently listening to my favourite song how could you leave us by NF. He is an amazing rapper, I'm a huge fan of him. When he released his song I buy nf fan shirt to show my love for him. Here is my favourite song:


Vampire Ninja

This surprisingly good cover. One of my favourite songs, I've listened to it probably over 2000 times XP Definitely worth checking out even if you usually can't stand Scooter (I'm mostly not a fan), as it sounds nothing like their other music.