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I heard the Meanies new album on a digital radio station I listen to a lot recently and decided to go though the releases on their old (and sadly defunct) independent label they were on in the 1990's, Au Go Go. Man, I really wish I had ventured down to Melbourne in the 1990's so I could go to the label's fantastic store. I did a lot of mail order from the shop but never physically went there. Anyway, I forgot Magic Dirt were signed to them and ended up going through their back catalogue. Back in the 1990's, they sort of veered from Sonic Youth-like noise jams to raucous Babes in Toyland style songs. I've had "She Riff" stuck in my head for about a week.

The video copies key scenes from "Picnic At Hanging Rock". It's sort of hilarious as lead singer Adalita Srsen is playing a character that is polar opposite to her then on stage persona. For the very next single, Magic Dirt did a 180 that gave every one whiplash ("Dirty Jeans") and Adalita's look and personality changed completely. She was so vampy compared to grungy persona she had before. Her vocal range had changed too and it was bloody amazing. I really liked Magic Dirt's material from this era, but her solo track, a cover of 1960's country/rock and roller Hoyt Axton's "Double Dare" for the "Suburban Mayhem" soundtrack was also excellent;

Another track I'm been into lately is from a UK producer called Wilma Archer. Never head of the guy before, but the track "Cheater" had been on fairly high rotation on the digital station I listen to.

I was intrigued by the featured artist on the track, who goes by the name Sudan Archives. I looked her up and wasn't disappointed; a crazy violinist from Los Angeles with a pet snake who makes fantastic music;



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Amalee's latest album of anime song covers Unity is out and it's a lot if fun. I believe it's on spotify though I got it off of Amazon.

Has songs from Black Clover, Log Horizon, Your Lie in April, Toradora and Panty & Stocking amongst others

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I was really disappointed by McFly's comeback song (Happiness) - it's just so bland and lifeless IMO.

But this one (with Mark from Blink 182) has just been released and I love it!



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Crossfaith did an excellent online gig last night! You can still buy tickets and watch it archived until the 22nd. Tickets are $15 so not much to support a great band in these trying times and watch a great show.


Just had a listen to their top tracks on Spotify. Not for me, just a load of noise, only half decent one was a cover, but the singing's not great (I'll let them off for being Japanese singing in English). Anything heavy or hardcore (in any genre, metal, rap, dance, etc) is probably the only music I can't listen to. Having said that I did buy the Asobi Asobase, but more for the novelty factor:

In fact the cover is of Omen by The Prodigy probably the heaviest of my favourite bands. Went to see them live once, way back in '98 on the Fat of the Land tour, brilliant.
Here's the original:


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Went to see them live once, way back in '98 on the Fat of the Land tour, brilliant
That must have been incredible. I saw them a few times and they were always great.

Just had a listen to their top tracks on Spotify. Not for me, just a load of noise,
Lol fair enough. I'm a big fan of Crossfaith but then I happily listen to lots of bands where the vocals are entirely screaming. In fact I think Crossfaith were better when they sang less and it was almost only screaming. His singing is good on the song Freedom which also features the lead singer of Enter Shikari.