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Chobits vol 8 (complete)
Not quite sure I "got" the ending.
Chi found the 'one only for her' and Hideki replied that he loved her too. I thought that was going to be the trigger for something to happen to all the Persacoms, but then the "other" Chi pops up and says "by the way you can't f*** because that will reset her" and Hideki says "fine I won't" and that's it?
Suppose you could take away the message that love is all that matters and you can love who and what you want, but after all the build up of something dramatic happening when she found the one for her it felt a bit flat as an ending.
And what was with the "agent" type Persacoms? They did absolutely nothing, bar sit on roof tops and then just watched at the end.
The characters were mostly interesting apart from Hideki himself who is probably meant to be a bit of blank slate for the reader to put themselves in his place, and Sumomo who is somehow even more annoying than I remember from the anime. Apart from her the comedy moments were quite funny. The best were Yumi and Ueda-san and their stories.
The art is very nice though and quite erotic in some panels!
Score is the same as the anime:

Scrambled Valkyrie

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Kaiju No 8
This series has a great concept and is genuinely funny in places. It also has fantastic monster designs, Kafka's monster form (the titular Kaiju No 8 is particularly inspired) and good characters. Quite intrigued to see where it's going. Been reading on the Shonen Jump app but I think I'll pick up the physical ones later this year when it comes out in print.


Now I have finished Chobits time to catch up on some of the ongoing manga:

Yuru Camp vol 10
Backyard camping and the start of a trip to Ooi River plus the special chapter of the Yamaha ad.

Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro vol 8


Straw Hat Pirate
Farewell to My Alter
A solid collection of short stories from Nio Nakatani (Bloom Into You). The titular story is probably the highlight, concerning identical twins and what happens when one of them dies.

Perfect World vol 1
An interesting josei romance. A woman is reunited with her unrequited high school crush years later, only to find that he's now paralysed from the waist down. As her feelings for him reawaken, she struggles with whether she's strong enough to enter a relationship with someone in a wheelchair. The story pulls no punches with the medical complications that can plague people with spinal cord injuries.

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Za Warudo
I just finished Time Paradox Ghostwriter. It was only two volumes (it was cancelled) and it was really enjoyable. The art was great, the story was original and I was satisfied with the ending (especially considering the cancellation).
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Za Warudo
Nice to see another fan of Time Paradox Ghostwriter! I loved the series when it was running and likewise I’m fairly satisfied by the ending given the circumstances. :)
I'm usually a bit oblivious about new/currently running manga series, so I only found out it even existed yesterday! 😅 I was looking for some short series to read and TPG caught my eye. I usually take ages to finish anything (even something as relatively short as this) - so it must have been a good story for me to get through it so quickly!