What manga are you reading now?


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
I Didn't Mean to Fall in Love volume 1 (complete)
Yuzu the Pet Vet Volume 1
Persona 5 Volume 2
Here, There and Us volume 1
Star Crossed volume 2


Dragon Knight
A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow volume 1
Already impressed by the first volume. Engaging characters and great art with a hint of yuri between protagonists Koyuki and Konatsu.

Dragon Slayer

Mad Scientist
Asmodeus Will not Give Up ch 36-37

In Another World with My Smartphone ch 42

Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World ch 32

World's End Harem ch 79
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AUKN Staff
Grand Blue Dreaming 10
Golden Kamuy 15
The Alchemist Who Survived Now Dreams of a Quiet City Life 1 & 2 (LN)
Reading: Bunny Girl Senpai 1 (LN)