What manga are you reading now?


School Idol
Volume 3 is going to be the make or break volume for me. I really enjoyed volume 1, but 2 leaned into a lot of stuff I didn't like, so 3 will be the deciding volume I think. There is some really good ideas in there, it's just hoping they're more of the focus.
Yep. I might wait to see what you think of it before I get it myself.


School Idol
Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles (LN) vol 5
Another decent volume, moving the plot forward. Decent sense that the world is moving without the protag as well which is nice and lacking from some of these dumb isekais. Yay for Celia being back! I've liked her since the first volume.


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World volume 2

Penguin Highway (novel, complete)

Natsume's Book of Friends volume 2

Outbreak Company volume 9 (light novel) - Had a feeling this one was going to cliffhanger. Quite nice to see a change from the normal antics that we're witness to in the series.


AUKN Staff
10 Dance Vol. 3 Inouesatoh ... Kodansha has overtaken the French IDP editions, so very excited to read more at long last (the art is still amazing)!
A Strange and Mystifying Story
Vol. 7 (final volume) Tsuta Suzuki brings this excellent supernatural (and occasionally chilling) series to a meaningful close.


School Idol
Outbreak Company (LN) vol 9
A much needed change of pace, considering this was beginning to get a bit stale. A two-parter though so much will be dependent on the next volume. Some stuff was fairly predictable - it's been obvious that Shizuki would be like that from when she was first mentioned ages ago. The maid cafe caught me a bit more off-guard though. One thing this series is good at is thinking about the modern world and how it affects interactions and connections, and how it would affect other less-developed cultures.

Overlord (LN) vol 10
Enjoyed this volume quite a lot. As ever, Ainz manages to blunder his way into great successes. We're finally getting to see Nazarick interacting with the world and it's thoroughly entertaining so far. Particularly looking forward to finding out more about what Renner is doing.


Combat Butler
Not really a manga but just read that Life is Stange graphic novel I bought today. It was really good and the writer has found a great way to continue Max and Chloes story. If you enjoyed the game I recommend it.


School Idol
Laid-Back Camp vol 6
Less Nadeshiko and Rin, more of the other three this volume (at least on the camping front). I'm not sure it's possible to not like any of the characters though, so that doesn't stop it being as good as normal :p I really liked the wholesomeness with Nadeshiko and her sister too.

A Sister's All You Need (LN) vol 2
Still firmly in territory that got adapted for the anime. I do love this series though, some of the stuff is really wholesome and resonates well. Particularly find the stuff on games really interesting (as someone who's big on board games and TRPGs), you can tell the author knows their stuff. Which isn't surprising given that it's apparently at least partly based on their experiences. I was interested to note that the TRPG was slightly different - presumably they brought it to an end in the anime whereas there was obviously no need for that in the novel yet.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (LN) vol 2
Yeah, there's still some creepy bits. I feel like there were noticeably less than in the first volume though? Which is interesting. And good, because the world-building is decent if a bit info-dumpy at times and enough to keep me entertained. It seems from next volume we're getting into the real stuff though, so that'll be the true test.


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
Hitorijime My Hero volume 3 - Another delightful entry in the series.

Blood Blockade Battlefront volumes 9-10 (complete) - Kinda sad to see this one come to an end, especially when no one has licensed the sequel manga but at the same time it's one less thing of Dark Horses to collect. I'm not sure I enjoyed the manga as much as BONES' wonderful anime adaptation, but hey it was still a lot of fun. If someone ever does license the sequel I'm sure I'll read more, but as things stand I'm okay with how the series came to a close. This and the anime satisfy my desire for BBB's world and characters.

A Sister's All You Need volume 4 (light novel) - Review to follow, but this was a lot of fun. A little on the short side when it came to page count, but nothing makes me laugh quite as much as this series does so I'm always going to want more.
Satoshi Kon's Opus chs 1-7
Down the rabbit hole.
Very Paprika like with a twist of Millennium Actress (but with manga instead of film).
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