What manga are you reading now?


Adventuring Alchemist
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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Volume 2 - Stolen off other half upon arrival. Mahahah... Good volume and some differences between it and the anime, which were nice to see.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?: On the Side - Sword Oratoria volume 5 - Plenty of Bell driven action in this volume, so I'm happy!


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Dragon Ball Viz Big Volume 1 Tales 11-36(Finished) - Really enjoyed it .Love Toriyama's art style and humor. Will be moving onto Volume 2 soon.

Silver Spoon Volume 1- Hilarious 😂 glad I picked it up.Remember watching the Anime adaptation a few years ago.
Glad the Manga's gotten an official English release.
Time to start on this:

Just finished chapter 1 of volume 1 which I'm guessing equates to one (of 7) volume(s) of the original release. It finishes with Nausicaä and Asbel escaping the floor of the forest that they discover is clean. Whilst mainly the same as the film a number of plot points are different such as instead of the embryo of a giant the Pejite princess is carrying a stone which essentially appears to be a key to controlling the giant which is still in Pejite. Also Nausicaä isn't a prisoner of Kushana, but under her command due to an old treaty and they're on their way to attack another country when attacked by Asbel. Another slight change is that in the film it is implied that Nausicaä has an affinity with nature whereas the manga says it right out with her hearing what the Ohmu says and even telepathically talking to Asbel. I'm liking it so far in that it is similar enough to the film that I enjoy it, but different enough that I'm getting something new. As it's already a long way through the films plot I'm guessing there's going to be plenty of new stuff to get into.