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Today's arrival is The Weird and Wonderful World of Ujicha from Third Window Films in a first print edition Blu-ray package. This is a collection of Japanese anime films under a different artstyle known as Gekimation, which is essentially a unique take on the stop-motion concept by hand-drawing characters, items, props and more and present them as if they're basically stick-men in a way. Director Ujicha spent around 5 years working on Violence Voyager alone and I look forward to the insanity that it gives.

The collection covers the 2018 film Violence Voyager, starring Aoi Yuuki and Daisuke Ono, the 2013 film The Burning Buddha Man, starring Yuka Iguchi, and three short films; Tempura, Space Yokai War, and The Retneprac 2. If you like bizarre and unique Japanese films then I do recommend giving this collection a shot. This release also includes a director's commentary for Violence Voyager, storyboards and interviews, so for £20 it's pretty good value.

Third Window Films always go for rather niche or recent films from Japan so they're a distributor worth supporting in the UK scene. I still need to pick up their releases of Yoshihiro Nakamura's Fish Story, Katsuhito Ishii's The Taste of Tea, Shinya Tsukamoto's Gemini and Seiji Tanaka's Melancholic that were released in the past few months.

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The misplaced parcel / batch of parcels from AllTheAnime sale that dispatched on the 8th has been found (or I assuming so). So if your also still awaiting a parcel from that batch, you may want to check you tracking numbers as they might have udated (got another parcel in Jubilee that was dispatched on the 8th)

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i wonder if Gurren Lagann is a printing accident, i asked about it when i got the silver cover version last year and was told something along the lines of that they had lost the rights to use that art and had to use the other (silver cover) instead


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My complete Anime Limited Christmas sale order just arrived, only two months late. Most of these are upgrades to shows I have on DVD, so I'll be interested to compare the quality in each case.

Hi-Evolution 1 is the only time I've bought a DVD when a Blu-ray is easily available. It didn't seem worth paying so much extra when I know I'll only ever watch the first 25 minutes.

Merry Christmas 2.0!
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