What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Dragon Knight
Nyahaha. It's a great collection, and a rather rocky ride considering what I should have done was buy the Second Season volumes when I was in my second year (2014-2015 where the rate was at its very best) because the referendum happened not long after that in 2016 where it got more expensive. It was fortunate that Owari 3 and Zoku Owari was about £122 overall from UP1 USA thanks to the rate being £1 = $1.36/1.37 at the moment.

As for what I plan to do next with Aniplex, if you know me already (or saw my Otaku Collection page on my blog) the next franchise left to sort out is none other than the Fate franchise.
I think I am coincidentally copying your Aniplex buys. I'll most likely stick to the MVM sets for Kizumonogatari and Season 2 however as Kizu is pretty much the same release and S2 boxset is an uncomfortable purchase for a tiny upgrade.

I have also been buying the Aniplex Fate releases as they come as well

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My final anime package roaming the wilds of the postal backlog arrived today from Mercari - I received this sealed copy of the Akira steelbook to add to my growing anime steelbook collection. Wow, is the embossing ever pronounced on the front of this steelbook - some areas are raised a full 1/8 inch above the surface!


All of my Holiday anime orders that were temporarily lost in space have now arrived. Now I'm just waiting for a few pre-order international shipments from Anime-On-Line to go out to me when they come into stock. All of these are AL collector's edition sets - Violet Evergarden, Planetes, Re:Zero, Millenium Actress, Odeo 808, and Children of the Sea CEs. Hopefully the postal backlogs will be mostly caught up when those ship out!
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Are the Funi ones Region Free by any chance?

Of the 5 Funi titles in my order, all are listed on the back as Region AB except Meiji Tokyo Renka, which is marked Region A only. From my previous order I posted the day before (the one with the Fruits Basket storage box set), all are marked as Region AB except for Stand My Heroes, which is marked Region A only. I haven't opened any of them yet, so I can't confirm the accuracy of their labeling, which can sometimes be incorrect.


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Anyone want my funimation digital codes from my recent purchases?

Got these ones:

New Game!
Miss Kobayashi
Zombieland Saga

Goblin Slayer
Saga of Tanya The Evil

Let me know if so by reply or PM and I'll ping them over.

Edit - Last one to go is Goblin Slayer so code below if anyone wants it:

Goblin Slayer - NJBE-ANDQ-JN21-2R9C-Z7KK
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More 7" purchases (because the new eBay purchase system is stupid because even if you want to use paypal to pay, anyone that hasn't moved to the "enhanced" payment system has to be paid for separately and my bank is an ass in regards to cardholder not present transactions because if I go over 3, then slam the banhammer down on my card).


Another one I originally "owned", though it was more of a hand me down since I was only around 3 years old when this song came out.


This was something I wanted to get back in the day, but wasn't able to so now I do (although I have to turn off the auto stop on my record player as it cuts out before it gets into the run out which causes the turntable to turn on and off).

I also need to find a few more decent used record sellers either on eBay or elsewhere.


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Today's arrival is Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection from Anime Limited in a collector's edition Blu-ray & DVD package. I watched the movie trilogy over the weekend which was great fun, and honestly you can jump straight into this film with only knowledge of the original series because there were only minor changes presented in the trilogy overall. Those films are worth watching regardless because they recap the main plot pretty well (only the first half of Code Geass R2 gets shafted). Anyway, looking forward to this one. You can view more photos and specs on my blog.