What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

Jon O Fun

Vampire Ninja
I didn't order Utena so I've got no skin in this game but I'd love for someone to make a chart of dinged vs. Undinged 😱

Also, has ANYONE received a pristine edition?!?!?

And is the spine backwards?!? 😱
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Harem King
My damage is Top left corner of the outer box and a random dent in the Set 3 by the title
Thouugh im having more issue with the sets seeming to fall out every time I pull them out or into the box.


Za Warudo
What was wrong with the release?
The Japanese stereo track was mono and the Japanese Surround track had all left and center channels merged with the other channels.
If you bought it on release and want a replacement, you can message Justin Sevakis on Twitter, in which case you'll be asked to destroy your disc alongside a written note confirming it's your own photo. I got mine the same day as Jay and it took around 5 weeks.