What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Death Scythe
Wow why did the BBFC change their logo to something you would expect to see on a pirate DVD from 2006 lol
Here are all the new symbols, they're pretty bad.

Flat design doesn't look right outside of a computer screen, the only positive is that the 12 and 15 ratings aren't the same colour anymore.


AUKN Staff
In today's episode of what did Grav receive this time around...

Season 1 Part 1 releases for both RADIANT and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime finally arrived from United Publications when it shipped on Monday. COVID delays meant 24 hour 1st class shipping turned into 72-hour 1st class shipping. You can view more photos and specs for both RADIANT Part 1 and Slime Part 1 on my blog. The LEs for both sets are coming soon.


Brigade Leader
My guess is that they put it to some focus group and the only suggestion they could up with is that people didn't notice them, because they weren't clear enough. Therefore they resulted in making them extremely plain and just showing the number in a bright colour.

That's what you get with design by committee without taking into account of how they will look in the final result.


Pokémon Master
I must have my bar set atrociously low by German logos... I don't see much difference in ugly or not between the two. They take the same amount of space out of the artwork they are plastered on, thus same amount of "harm" to it done. The new one certainly is more readable, though.

That being said I've got the Funi us slimes for both parts..... (Unless USPS has lost them after all....)