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So I picked up Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms. Considering the Nozomi release is too expensive to grab (totaling at least £100), I decided to go for the Anime Limited release as HMV was offering the collector's edition for £19.99. I'll be doing the same with Penguin Highway when that comes out later this year. You can view more photos & specs on my blog.


AUKN Staff

With Manga confirming the date for the second half, I finally picked up Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 1. Despite the other Manga Ent. Funi replicas had some changes (such as using the standard edition artwork instead of the limited edition artwork for the Blu-ray case), this one is 100% identical to the Funimation release (with UK compatible discs instead). United Publications had the very last copy left in their stock so I got it for £38.99 plus postage. Part 2 has been ordered via the MVM 20% off sale so that'll arrive in March. You can view more photos & specs on my blog.

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The final Aria Blu-ray set arrived today from the Nozomi Kickstarter... this set includes the OVA, Season 3, the new AVVENIRE episodes, and a special Kickstarter-exclusive bonus disc.



Completed Kickstarter-exclusive box set:
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And now my Etrian collection is complete again.

And at this point it seems like i'm getting my money back for this. What happened was that when ordering this from amazon.de (fulfilled by amazon seller) i was half expecting the ****** store to be selling reselaled game. The price wasn't outrageously good but it was cheaper enough to suspect that and it turned out to be case. The game's case definitely had shelfwear and just as i'm writing i realized that i don't think the artbook was even inside so that's another thing pointing it out. First i was asked to return the item but after saying that i would accept the item with this discount because i didn't want to get through hassle of returning it and with discount it would still be a decent deal. Shortly after that i just got confirmation email saying that i will get full refund. So yay. I was really bothered by missing this game but now i got it and for free. I just need to buy cheap ****** 3DS game or two to get replacement cases.