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Growth doesn't change the whole layout
I don't believe I've ever heard breasts referred to as a "layout" before, but after checking the definition I absolutely approve.
Oxford English Dictionaries said:
1. The way in which the parts of something are arranged or laid out.
‘the road boobs layout’
1.3. A thing arranged or set out in a particular way.
Technically, it handles the combination of shape, size and position and also accounts for both naturally occurring factors and clothing or surgical enhancements. "Layout" shall henceforth be my preferred non-specific description of boobs when compared and contrasted to one another. Differing layouts. Thank you Luna.


Liz and the Blue Bird from WOWHD. World End Syndrome from The Game Collection. A mystery VN from Arc System Works that looks pretty (it has animated backgrounds! I've never seen a VN do that) intrigued me, so I managed to get a cheap pre-order from that site which was probably a misprice and it's since gone up by almost a tenner.



Yume no Shima Shinen Kōen
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I went to town to get my Dad a film, but I also picked up a couple of other items along the way.

Starting with the films. I took this opportunity to grab 2 Japanese films from Arrow Video's 10 Year sale that was going on in HMV. The films I picked were Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Before We Vanish (散歩する侵略者) and Takashi Miike's Terraformars (テラフォーマーズ). The total price was £14.99 thanks to the deal (basically instead of 2 for £25 it's 2 for £15 woo).

Meanwhile, in CeX my initial plan was to acquire a couple of Vita games however while their line-up was huge a lot of them were either a bit expensive, not particularly great or have better versions released on other platforms. In the end, I chose Touch My Katamari which is a separate entry in the Katamari franchise. It was £18 but the condition was good and it's more expensive to find online.

In addition, I also decided to pick up Siren Blood Curse and Tekken Hybrid in CeX. While I have already accomplished my goal to gather 100 games for the console, it felt a bit cheeky of me considering a couple of them I already owned on Xbox 360 so this is basically a bonus round of sorts and an opportunity to grab a couple more titles I would like to own before its too late.

Siren Blood Curse is an interesting title to collect because it's one of the rarer PS3 titles available, most notably because only Europe got a physical release and it's a franchise I wanted to visit for quite some time. I am aware that Blood Curse is very different to the PS2 installments but regardless the PS3 physical copy also comes with a Behind the Curtain of Terror making-of featurette so that's pretty neat. The game was available for £8.

Tekken Hybrid, on the other hand, is a fascinating choice for me because I honestly could have gone for any other Tekken game out there, but I decided to pick Hybrid as I like to own HD remasters of PS2 games as much as I can, and this one comes with Tekken Tag Tournament. Hybrid also comes with a Prologue (basically demo) of Tag Tournament 2 and a CG anime film Blood Vengeance which did get released by KAZE UK by only on DVD. Regardless, this is my first Tekken game believe it or not. After doing a quick research it seems this particular release is not available digitally and the trophies including the Platinum is easy to acquire, so that's quite surprising. The game was available for £10.
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