What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


my order of 8 used anime sets and 1 new one arrived after being forwarded.

The new item was because it seems Amazon JP was clearing out last week (and some sitll now) anime sets where the amazon LE bonus has expired so the code is worthless. I was able to get the Overlord S1 V3 for 1350 yen + shipping.

Astarotte's Toy Volume 1-6 + EX (ova)

Manyuu Hikenchou Volume 3, and Overlord Season 1 Volume 3 (Amazon.co.jp LE) [new]

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I received the 4th and final volume of Violet Evergarden from Amazon JP today, since it was delayed and separated from my original order, it was of course shipped in a bag as I expected. Fortunately the only damage was the slight ding seen in the lower left corner.

Volume 4 does include the extra episode 4.5, but like the rest of the JP volumes, it is not English friendly.

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Received today, Blue Exorcist & Gundam from Amazon and MHA S2 Part 2 & Tales from the JBHIFI buy 2 get 1 free deal, they didn't get caught by customs so hopefully MHA S2 Part 1 doesn't too.

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Got my replacement Senran Kagura Burst Re:newal art book from Amazon Japan yesterday. Not going to post pictures as they would be the same as what I posted a few pages back just without the dented corner and small dent on the front.

Amazon JP was quick. Sent an email last Wednesday and got a response the same day. Would have been about 9pm Japan time. Asked for better protection and the replacement came in a envelope like before, but that was in a box with packing paper around it.


Feel very lucky that I got these 2 beauties today! Both steelbooks vanished in preorder status, 500 and 750 pieces respectively! Filmarena has nailed it for one more time :)
1) Blade Runner 2049 4K Steelbook with Velvet, Embossed and Spot Glossed! Fullslip!
2) Blade Runner 2049 3D Steelbook with Double Lenticular Fullslip!

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From SecondSpin. Gotta love the bright spark who put a used sticker on SEN which left a lot of residue, must have been the same genius who's sellotaped the info sheet to the box. Ah well they only cost like £12 each.