What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Look what finally arrived from Dodax.

I assume it's the replacement, due to the fact that it was shipped from within the United Kingdom.
If so, there is definitely hope for those who are awaiting theirs as it was only shipped on Friday and they offered me a replacement on the 19th of July.


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Received my Your Name Collector's Edition today. Actually expected to get this last Friday, but somehow instead of direct from Japan to Leipzig, my package took a little detour through China. Amazon JP even send me an apology email for the delay in delivery, as as always this was packaged as expected.

Then last week was a big of a mixed bag, among them some fan-service releases; Trinity Seven from Amazon UK marketplace seller Dodax (still missing one item), Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin, and Queen's Blade: The Evil Eye from an Amazon US marketplace seller, and finally Loups=Garous and Ocean Waves through Amazon UK and to top it off i got Hyouka Part One from UP1USA.



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This is actually stuff I bought on Saturday, but I've been too tired/lazy to show it off until today.IMG_1539.JPG

Eevee plushie that my partner/friend found
SAO artbook from the light novel illustrator
Persona 5 artbook (cancelled my English copy now)
Complex Age Volume 5
The Ancient Magus Bride Volume 7
Umaru Nendoroid (which @jaden550 later informed me is a fake, but she looks good enough that I actually don't mind)
Blood Blockade Battlefront CE Blu-ray (I'd wanted this for ages and couldn't justify the price, but AL were selling it for £30 which I couldn't say no to)
Hatsune Miku Keychain

All in all good MCM :D


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According to the packaging yes. If that isn't enough to go on I can either try it on my region free player by setting to region B or try in a ps4...?

In theory it can be because they have UK streaming rights and DVD rights, so I wouldn't be surprised if A|B is accurate.