What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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2023 HAUL VER 3.3


The final volume I need for Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku has come. Volume 7 was out of stock in various places but retailers Blackwells had a copy so I ordered it from there. Now I don't have to worry about stock issues for this series when the anime begins airing.




Ordered these pretty late but I finally picked up In the Line of Duty III and In the Line of Duty IV from retailer Terracotta. These are the Eureka Entertainment versions so they'll match the first two films Yes Madam and Royal Warriors.


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Some good stories in that season. There was a good special edition of Day of the Daleks on DVD with new effects. I don't know if that version is on the BD though.
It is indeed included here alongside the original version and a recreation of the 1973 omnibus edition. I liked some of the effects but the new Dalek voices are a bit generic IMO. The Curse of Peladon is my favourite here though I’m hoping to re-evaluate The Mutants and The Time Monster too.


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I found a UK-based seller of primarily Japanese CDs almost a week ago now on Discogs called DubStoreUK and picked up some amazing deals from them, namely:

Mariya Takeuchi - Expressions
MISIA - Super Best Records -15th Celebration-
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Best of Tokyo Ska 1998-2007
& the CD single for Motekke! Sailor Fuku from Lucky Star

With all this coming to roughly £60 incl. shipping, and in exceptional condition, it's a pretty great price in my eyes. I've already purchased some more from them for similarly good prices and I look forward to buying there more in the future.

Also however, today I received probably one of the best deals I've had in a good while with the Neon Genesis Evangelion 25th Anniversary Box Soundtrack. I initally bought it assuming it was likely going to be a scam, given that it was somehow being sold for £29 in new condition on eBay from a UK seller with a 98% seller rating (with my experience being that anyone below 99% is likely to be a scammer) and not the best looking listings outside of some other CDs.
In that event though, I figured I could return it for my money back since the images shown were of the legitimate CD Box, so I bit the bullet and bought it. A few days later and much to my surprise, it actually shows up and it seems to be the real thing! How exactly someone's selling it for that price confuses me, but I'm not complaining in the slightest.
The seller also seems to have 2 more copies as well so go have a look if you're interested. I won't post the link here just in case that violates any rules, but it should be easy to look up if you're interested.
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2023 HAUL VER 3.4

Working from home today so I was able to reveal this package from Rightstuf earlier than planned.



Rightstuf held a one-day video-game focused sale and that included 3 of the 4 Tales anime adaptations, and considering one of them is going out of print I decided now was the best time especially as I was playing Tales of Zestiria (Alisha is still best girl though).

So what we have is Tales of Phantasia the Animation (1995 Super Famicom game, adapted by studio Actas), Tales of Symphonia the Animation (2003 Gamecube game, adapted by studio Ufotable), Tales of the Abyss (2005 PlayStation 2 game, adapted by studio Sunrise), and Tales of Zestiria the X (2015 PlayStation 3 game, adapted by studio Ufotable). The former two were released by Discotek Media while the latter two were by Funimation.













Four adaptations and I am happy to own them all. In addition, both Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Zestiria the X are Region B compatible (former via top-menu trick). Won't lie, the cases used for the Essentials range is cheap as Abyss' case is a bit of a mess plus the first disc won't slot on properly.


Starting to cut down a bit on my collection and sell off some titles I'm not overly interested in or won't re-watch (though have been giving them an episode or two to see if I'd like to continue them and a bunch I have) so traded in a bunch of titles to CeX today for in-store credit and picked up a number of games I did want in the collection, Smash Bros. is a re-buy but the rest are new (though have played and finished MGS2 and 3 on PS2 before).


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Just curious what site do you use for imports?
This one was ebay (£8.50) which is what I use for most but sometimes Amazon UK.
As mentioned can also go straight to the source with .de .fr and such but normally I'll remember a film I haven't seen and search on Blu-ray.com where its been released then hunt it down.
It's surprising how many just never got UK releases (looking at EEAAO....) but mostly older stuff like Masters of the Universe, Fright Night 2 and some Jackie Chan films. (Which granted are not everybody's cup of tea)