What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Arrivals over the past couple days.



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A few things from the past few days.

Was quite fortunate to find the first release of Lupin the Third: Part I on DVD that Discotek put out as it's OOP and this is the only release which includes both versions of the original Pilot Film which the second DVD release and the blu-ray does not include, I still plan to buy the blu-ray release though, I got this solely for the Pilot Film's.

Also O Maidens in Your Savage Season from AOL's DOTW.

Lupin the Third (DVD) and O Maidens in Your Savage Season (BD)



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「week end ver.」

More than a month posting here. Time flies ✈️

Found a copy of FE:A artbook for £12 from WeBuyBooks 🙌

Only received the launch copy so far and still awaiting on the Collector's Edition which has been unfortunately delayed 😓

What's included?
  • Soul Hackers 2: Launch Edition (PS5)
  • The Art of FIRE EMBLEM: Awakening

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「week end ver.」retake

What's included?
  • [AmiAmi Exclusive Bonus] Arknights OPERATORS! (Manga) + "W" Illustration bromide
  • [Bonus] Arknights Lappland Promotion 2 Premium Ver. 1/7 Complete Figure + Keychain
  • Captain Phillips - Steelbook Edition (Blu-ray)
  • Soul Hackers 2: Launch Edition (PS5) *still awaiting collector's edition
  • Steins;Gate Elite (Switch)
  • The Art of FIRE EMBLEM: Awakening

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September Haul - Batch #5

The final batch of September is here... on the first day of October! We have a bunch of packages in the final few days so here we go!




The first package comes from Amazon US last Wednesday, and that's for two Discotek Media Blu-ray releases; NG Knight Lamune & 40 and VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire (with NG DX & EX OVAs and VS Fresh OVAs). These two are also animated by Ashi Productions so they were prioritised to be picked up sooner than later.

Unfortunately, NG came damaged, which is such a shame. The disc itself is fine though.


Arriving last Thursday, we have some more regular UK releases from Funimation before the Crunchyroll brand kicked in. There was a discount sale going around and Amazon price-matched, so I picked up Black Clover Season 2 and My Hero Academia Season 4. The prices were on par with the range that MVM's 20% off sale would have been if they ran those today.



Also arrived on the same day we have two 88 Films releases from Terracotta. The first is Alfred Cheung's On the Run starring Yuen Biao in a deluxe limited edition set, and Lau Kar Leung's Shaolin Mantis for the Shaw Bros collection. The original plan was to get the reminder of the Shaw Bros titles in September, but things change at the last second heh.


Arrived yesterday we have a pre-order appearing on time, as it was released officially this past week in the US. How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 1 limited edition Blu-ray & DVD from Crunchyroll. Comes with a booklet, artcards, map and even a quill pen. Discs are Region A & B.

You can view more photos & specs on my blog.






Also arrived yesterday we have another batch of Discotek Media Blu-rays, this time from UP1; Space Warrior Baldios and Space Warrior Baldios the Movie. These two were (you guessed it) also animated by Ashi Productions. They were given the out-of-print notice back in August alongside Dancouga and Goshogun - but Baldios the Movie survived this whole time while the TV series came back in stock mid-way through September.

I believe the movie did receive a UK VHS release back in the day (I vaguely remember seeing an image of a white VHS set that had a U rating or something).

And thus, here's the current Discotek collection: