What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


My BOFURI has just arrived as well and even though it was in perfect condition for me fortunately, when I took the filler box off as well as the BBFC sticker it removed some of the art from the box as well which I heard was a problem with this set and was very careful, as there was more damage on the back I stuck the BBFC sticker there instead to cover it, still annoying though but glad I have the set now.

BOFURI: I don't Want to Get Hurt, so i'll Max Out my Defense. (BD) (Limited Edition)


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That was supposed to be new which I doubted because it came with a game returns policy security sticker on it, but there was evidence of a standard game pricing sticker that had been removed which made me think that the person who sold this on amazon (it came from amazon and not the seller) just purchased their stock from game before sending it to an amazon warehouse to be sold.

Edit: and I've just found out that I've been ripped off as I paid £27 for what the seller only paid £15 for from game.
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Also ordered Borfuri LE from zavvi. I was lucky with the glue dots. Not so lucky that the art work is coming away on top and a little is torn. I'll re-use the glue dots 😃
I use Bostik all purpose clear glue for things like that (Assuming they still sell it), and slide a bit of glue into the gap on a piece of paper or something thin like that.
And once dry the extra glue can usually be rubbed away (sometimes the excess glue peels away abit).
But yeah can't really fix the tear, but will at least stop it getting worse.
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am i getting mixed up? i thought this was done by some americans
That was the Global Neural Network anthology.
Yeah @sniper_samurai is correct. This one is a new series set after 1.5 of the original manga. The writer, Junichi Fujisaku, was one of the writers on the original Stand Alone Complex series and wrote the 3 novellas set in that world.

I haven't actually read vol 1&2 yet as I wanted to wait for a few before starting but I think I will read these 3 soon. Vol 4 recently came out in Jaoan and the series is still ongoing.