What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Actually received yesterday and considering the issues that have started to crop up with one of the drivers for my Corsair MMO mouse breaking and the constant issues with my current headset I decided to take a few steps back in the headset department and went back to one that requires 3.5mm instead of USB which once I'm done will mean that I can strip iCue from my computer completely once I swap over to the backup MMO mouse.
I just bought myself a new Acer 11th-gen i7 laptop... For right now it's mainly for my mother to use, as her old laptop is an excruciatingly slow Dell AMD A6-6310 laptop that takes 30 seconds between screens anymore. She basically only plays solitaire, mahjong, checks her banking, and orders stuff from Amazon on her current laptop. I was going to buy something cheaper for her and have her pay me off eventually so it was hers, but then I decided why not splurge a little and get a bit more powerful laptop and keep it as my own, and just let her use it daily? I know, I'm such a nice guy, lol! My current 3 computers at home are all old 2nd and 3rd-generation i5 setups, so this laptop is 8-9 generations newer. I'm not a huge fan of Acer computers, but the laptop was on sale for $200 off, and was only $699 (about £485), so I can't complain too much for what I got. It does have an internal slot for a 2.5" drive in addition to the 500 GB NVMe SDD, but for her that is more than what she will ever need, I can upgrade the storage later:


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Hopefully I'll get a Ryzen 12 or 16 core CPU next year.

Lol, those CPUs cost more themselves than my entire laptop! I do no gaming at all, so this model is way overkill even for my uses - but at least I'll have fast access now in the living room where my mother uses it. I'll be upgrading my main PC in the basement next year sometime, and I'll probably put about $2000 worth of parts into that.

I actually hate using a laptop for any kind of computer use, unless it's on a docking station with external keyboard, mouse, and monitors. It's just too small to be useful to me on its own. I also despise using a cell phone for anything other than phone calls, and maybe a few texts. I do very little internet at all from my phone - only when I absolutely have to.
Today's arrival is the first of many parcels from Blackwells.



How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? Volume 1 from Seven Seas. It took me over a year to actually pick up the manga because Amazon delisting the series made collecting the volumes harder, especially when you combine it with the stock issues in the UK. Fortunately Volumes 2-4 (which cover all of the English books released before 2021) have been dispatched so they should arrive in the coming days.
Was constantly running out of space so i got the 4TB external hard drive to fix that issue.


The German edition of Night Of The Galactic Railroad doesn't have English subtitles but i wanted to own physical copy of the film so i still went a bought it. It's not all that heavy on dialogue anyways.