Upcoming UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Artwork


Great Teacher
hoping MVM were able to get the diner table promo art for the cover to The Girl in Twilight rather than the same boring one that Sentai gave theirs


Pokémon Master
This looks kinda like a big box. Is the thick spine just for it being a thick amaray case? Or might it just perhaps be a CE-ish box?


It would be a CE box if it’s like Aniplex’s.
And that’s it preordered From me would love the discs to be the same as my Koi has an error (found out too late to replace)


Pokémon Master
Bakemono had the box cover as a cover, too, but it was just an amaray (I think?)
CE would be great, as I have Bakemono/Nisemono with French/JP/AoA boxes, too. (But going by UK-only consistency it being like Bakemono is probably likelier?)


Pokémon Master
Oooooh. Putting it right up on my list. Who knows how long they last.
(Rating logo probably printed on add usual I guess?)