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i'd probably get it if it was a bit cheaper and if they offer bakemonogatari in the christmas sales separately this year, annoyingly last year they did a bundle with bake and nise together a couple weeks after i got nise on their dotw so i didn't bother getting it


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Larger sized and finalised artwork for various MVM releases:



Haha good spot.
Still not as bad as the complete b*llocks under the Steins;Gate logo. 😛

Or even Guilty Crown:
"Adorn"? You're going to "adorn" a crown? I think you mean "don". 🤨
(To be fair, it's actually the result of the method of usage of the Japanese verb kazaru, which means to decorate with. (In this case, to decorate [his head] with a crown.)
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All the ; titles have that. And they are all on the same level on that S;Gs. S;G has at least the chuunibyou thing and Okabes Bad English joke inside the show to make it kind of just exactly right.

Hand Shakers also have a blurb, but that one (of all things) kinda halfway managed correct grammar.
Which kinda tries to take itself as deadpan serious as the show does.


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Another blunder on that Pancreas cover: that isn't Japanese text under the English, it's Chinese.
I've looked up the BD covers of it (from various countries), and that image was used for the Malaysian poster for their cinema release, and the Malaysian bootleg DVD release.