UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

MVM's DOTW is Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl BD for £9.99

I love that little series.
But obviously that means I already have this DotW.

I did also pick up the individual JP discs with their prints of character clothing on the transparent outers.
But I need a CE. 😞
Zavvi have the Dragon Ball Super Super Hero 4K steelbook now, and it's discounted to £18.
Zavvi are now shipping blurays to Ireland again though the category isn't on the home page, unfortunately their prices are much higher than the UK version with that DBS steelbook being €36 plus shipping.
I see zavvi are shipping steelbooks to Ireland now too, oddly yeah some are more expensive
Wanted something to take my Amazon order (socks) to qualify for free delivery, and Star Blazers fitted the bill perfectly. There's still stock available (apparently)
Oh nice, I did notice it went from 1 to 4 yesterday and now there is no limit on them. Fill your boots 🤣 shame the second series isn’t reduced. I thought 2199 was excellent but I’ve not got to the sequel yet.
10% off used to be the norm with their affiliate codes on Scifier, but then they reduced it to 5%, now they're giving us 10% again for a limited time as some sort of deal. They also quietly reduced the number of reward points you get from purchases.

Extremely good series, I already own the 3 different US releases of Moribito. Get this one while the gettin's good!

And I'm buying it again. 2 sets of check discs, DVD and BD, the US Media Blaster DVD boxset, with its work of art jewel cases and teeny little booklets, and now the UK retail BD. I just love this show; I think it was the last time that Kenji Kamiyama approached perfection.
Amazon Prime had the 4 Episode live-action Moribito mini-series on their streaming service a few years ago, not sure if it is still on there or not, but it was very good too - the acting was actually not cringe-worthy at all. I was able to secure a copy of that in a Captain Harlock maneuver, too...


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