UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

Rarewaves have some decent prices on Crunchyroll discs
e.g. Chunibyo movies £6.74 each, Golden Kamuy S1 + S2 £13.33 each, Log Horizon S3 £13.33, Nichijou £17.41 etc

The one time I can't really afford much else for the month 😭
I just wondering if anyone was going to do a Manga/Funi/Crunchyroll sale for the New Years. Checked Zavvi/HMV/Base last night and no great discounts. A few here though I'd been after though.
Zavvi titles look interesting but I just wanted to ask if Log Horizon Season 3 on Blu-ray has locked subs or not as it's kind of a deal breaker for me if it does.
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Not sure if this was posted here but noticed it in my emails 😂
An pretty good deal for both documentaries.
(Ps. AL if you're listening, you may want to phase this kind of deal differently next time as its legally questionable 😉 its not buy both together get 82% off its but one get 82% off the other)
MVM DOTW is Armed Girl's Machiavellism standard BR and collectors edition.

Update: Just checked CEX to compare, and for the first time the collectors edition (£12) is cheaper than the standard one (£15). Strange.
It’s another re-DOTW, albeit slightly cheaper and from back in Feb (so I feel less bad about having still not watched it yet!).
Still having enough stock of the CE to discount it a second time suggests to me that it might not be all that good…