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It went OOS so I've back ordered a copy, tbh that works better for me as I can watch some and see if I like it or not before restock (ETA Feb 9th - 16th according to Amazon).

Bit OT but would be helpful if anyone can answer - out of the 4 recent deliveries I had from Zavvi 1 of the amaray cases arrived with quite a bad crack in it, the discs seem fine. Zavvi have offered me 20% of the cost back instead of returning it.

I am tempted to accept it, it's only a few £ back, but means I can get some blank cases presumably or steal one from something else and swap the inserts over. I guess this is a fairly standard response from Zavvi when it comes to damaged goods. If it was a proper CE or steelbook or something I'd probably pursue a return, but as it's a regular case this is probably acceptable?

You can pick up replacement cases quite cheap on ebay/amazon, i.e. £5 for a pack of 10 double disc boxes.


was interested in swapping the 2 separate parts of Assassination Classroom for that collection box but CEX is closed and i bet knowing my luck that the trade in value will have dropped by the time they're able to open again, will avoid sending it in online as i've heard people have had problems with them sending back tattier items rather than sending back the things sent in


I've accepted the 20% offer from Zavvi, save the hassle of shipping back and it's just a regular case.

I have placed my 3rd and final order (I think) on the current Zavvi sale:

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid - £17.39
GOBLIN SLAYER Season 1 - £15.59

Not doing well on combining shipping for one order here, oh well! 🙂


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I guess it will probably be aimed for those customers who haven't spent over a certain amount in the last 6 months to encourage them to come back.


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Paranoia Agent US Blu-ray for £23.02

Just 2 left after i bought 1 😅
Thanks! Also bought one, so 1 left now.

Interestingly list price is $24.99 when shipped to my country (Netherlands), but it shows $29.99 if country is the UK.
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First off Top Cashback UK offering £2 pound back when spending over £5 (takes a while and maybe not garunnteed, every time i've done it works) EDIT: Forgot to mention TopCashBackUK deal is for today/18th only ends midnight.
So will work out with Zavvi for essentially free postage

Zavvi also look to be restocking, New Game & Code Geass are back again but currently the 40% off code isn't working for it, could be on purpose or just haven't added the code to work yet
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i dunno if it's just me or if it's a result of their website being upgraded but the voucher code box has disappeared from the basket

could be just a thing they turn on during the discount code sales now


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Re:Zero is ther EB redux

... I literally just bought it from AOL yesterday before the code expired. Oh well £2 isn't bank breaking


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Any suggestions on how to watch patlabor (and which other seasons/movies are available legally in the UK) for someone not acquainted with the series?
Just buy the complete set from Sentai on bluray, it's geolocked so it works on UK players.

It contains the tv series, both ova series and the 3 movies.